Kool Coat Lite Combo Neck – Tried & Tested

The Kool Coat Lite Combo Neck is the perfect sheet for summer, helping your horse to stay cool and comfortable, at a great price! The rug is constructed from a lightweight, polyester fabric that reflects the sun light protecting your horse from burns and discomfort. It fastens with a single, adjustable chest strap, low cross surcingles and adjustable web leg straps. Available from £29.99, this is a budget rug with quality features!
What did Josephine think?
What a smart rug! Bought for our Jigster, who with great big white patches, takes great joy in making himself brown and yellow. It was slightly heavier in material than I expected however, has done well keeping him cool and fly free in our stables before a show.

The main reason that I went for this rug is the neck attachments. With a big fluffy mane and big neck, these are adjustable resulting in no rubbed mane. Very important when one does dressage and plaits! My only thought is that the front chest attachment is made of a rubber/plastic which, I’m not entirely sure would be very durable from a longevity point of view. 

Looks wise, its smart. Obviously not ideal having anything white around anything equine however, easy to wash, well fitted and what I consider a bargain too at that price for the quality that you are getting.

Want to learn more? Click here for more information on the Kool Coat Lite Combo Neck.
Josephine rated the Kool Coat Lite Combo Neck:
Value for Money






Want to learn more? Click here for more information on the Kool Coat Lite Combo Neck.

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