Dublin Plaid River Boots

This spin on the classic River Boot offers a country twist to a firm favourite whilst still keeping all of the features that made the originals so loved. The HBR waterproof and breathable membrane ensures that your feet are kept cool and dry helping you tackle any weather. The boots are extremely comfortable with the help of an RCS footbed system, heel and arch supports and a double cushioning layer. A steel arch foundation gives added stability which is also aided by the durable Tough Tech rubber soles and traction control grip.

What did Josephine say?
I am what you could now call a convert. A convert to PLAID! I am what you would call a simple boot kinda girl. Plain brown will do me thank you very much. Until now. These are beautiful and grew and grew and grew on me.

These can be worn anywhere, everywhere and they look so good! Badminton, in flooding, down the yard, popping into town (subject to smell). I have really tested these to the max in all weather. They fit lovely on the leg, not baggy around the calf or too tight. They are a bit snug on the actual foot so if you’re a large size 6, I would recommend going up a bit, they have softened and are very much moulded to my foot now. They’re not actually designed to be worn in lots of water, so naturally, I wore them in water. And you know what? They held up. They did well! 

I followed the instructions and filled the boots with newspaper to ensure they stayed dry on the inside and I rewaxed them and did keep them relatively clean (with a hose, because efficiency is everything). The downside is when I waxed them, they lost that lovely light brown and went a much darker brown but hey, my toes were dry.

To date, following the flooding, the mud and the intense heat these are yet to crack on the sides too, a common trait in all boots.

If you keep your eyes peeled, Equine Superstore often do these boots at a great discounted price which puts them in a serious value for money category, particularly when the market is flooded with much more expensive options.
Josephine rated the Dublin River Boots – Plaid:
Value for Money





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