Dublin Bourne Boots – Tried & Tested

Dublin Bourne Boots AKA The lazy yet naturally stylish girls boot.

That’s what this is. A lazy girls boot and this right here, is a lazy girl. Jury is out there on my style still.

I am very much known for wearing ski/walking boots throughout the winter. Funnily enough, I always used to buy the ones with fluff around the top. I had to stop after a few years though because I had worn one pair so much, people down my yard started saying the fluff actually looked like mould. I still have three much loved but totally unwearable ski boots somewhere floating in the corners of the house.

And these came into my life. The Dublin Bourne Boots. The Equine Version. Which I refused to wear anywhere near an Equine for two whole weeks.

They’re too pretty. The red brown reminiscent of the Ariat colour of any posh tottie and ‘real rider’, the fur lining at the top (faux may I add) that just feels divine with your thick yard socks, and although there is that thick sole, they’re not chunky!

So nitty gritty. My thoughts. They are waterproof. To the ankle, obviously. They fit fantastically well. You can adjust the lacing one time after which you use the zip each time – I do love efficient/lazy clothing and they are so comfortable. The adjustable lacing means there is space for thick socks! There’s a reason why I wear ski boots and it’s the sole. With weak knees and feet, I struggle wearing shoes without a thick sole when on my feet all day so if you’re ageing somewhat within the foot or knee department – These are cracking! They come with a heel and arch support which, frankly, is a beautiful thing these days.

The best bit about them? I ride in them. No faffing. They are secure enough around my ankles that I can do, they have the sole enough to grip and not slide through my stirrups without being too chunky and getting caught (bear in mind I do have free jump stirrups which are rather large already). And this is key to them. This is where they appeal to the lazy girl.

There is no cleaning. There is no changing into cold riding boots. There is just pure and simple launch yourself on your horse, launch off and go and muck out simplicity about these whilst still looking good – oh and go walk the dog too. And that is why I love them.

The negatives: The fur smells. Sadly, after two weeks I did actually have to wear these down the yard and of course, I have done everything in these. Alas, sadly they have not yet created a material that repels the smell of horse poo and pee. Somewhat devasting that I can no longer wear them into a Costa without getting the usual sniffs and looks but let’s be honest, we all signed up for that with this sport. They are a slither off from being extremely competitive price wise – personally I would prefer to see them nearer the hundred pound mark but a) I’m a lover of bargains and b) my horses eat my wages for fun.

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