Amigo Three-In-One Evolution – Tried & Tested

The Amigo Three-In-One Evolution with Disc Front closure combines the protection of a lightweight turnout with that of a fly sheet, creating the ultimate summer defence! It has a waterproof and breathable 900D ACY polyester/nylon top panel that runs the full length of the rug.
For horses that are more sensitive to flies there is the Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Vamoose with Disc Front Closure. The Horseware Vamoose insect control treatment on the outer layer of net and the vibrant aqua and orange colourway has been proven to be a natural deterrent to insects.

What did Katie think?

“These rugs have been ideal for my horses, especially the Three-In-One with Vamoose for my pony, Delta, who is prone to Sweet Itch. I’m not the biggest fan of rugs that are designed specifically for horses who suffer from this, as Delta would often get too hot and would then rub as a consequence to this. However, with the vamoose technology I find less flies/insects now land on him. The Vamoose is ideal for him and definitely worth that bit more money. Delta is also very sensitive to fly sprays and at first I was worried about trying this rug on him, fortunately there were no problems at all and I wish I’d found this rug sooner. I’m now going to invest in the same rug for my 17.2 hh Irish Sports horse who has to be coated in fly spray to be turned out.

I also tried the Three-In-One Evolution on my other pony Jack. I really liked the disc front closure system as it was easy to use, making it quick to whip the rug on and off, and the three belly straps made it a great fit and kept the rug in place, even after he had rolled.”

“It has a practical design and even my non-horsey other half managed to put the rug on and take it off unaided. I particularly liked the lining material which left both my horses’ coats shiny. They looked extremely comfortable and the Surefit neck design allowed for better weight distribution across the shoulders and chest to ensure their mane, withers and shoulders didn’t get rubbed. I often find it difficult to buy Jack rugs that don’t rub him and end up having to put a bib under the rug to stop this. During the summer I can’t do this, so the comfort and design of the rug is really important to me. The Three-In-One has ticked all these boxes.

The appearance of the rug may be a bit garish however, I did notice a big difference from their old fly rugs, the vibrant aqua and orange really did deter the flies. I’ve found with Horseware rugs in the past that I have to go up one size however, I found the Three-In-One came up larger than expected so I would drop them down a size.”

“Overall, these rugs are perfect for my horses in the summer because they go out at night and are in during the day. The one limitation I can see with this rugs is that the waterproof lining along the top could potentially make them a bit warmer if they are out during the day in hot temperatures. However, because my horses go out at night I couldn’t ask for a better rug. If you are in two minds about which version of the rug to get, with or without the vamoose, I would recommend thinking about how your horse behaves with the flies. Delta has been wearing his now for a week and there’s been no sign of rubbing, the rug also still looks great and will definitely be coming out for seasons to come. It’s a great quality rug, as expected from Horseware, especially for horses that are turned out with other horses and are prone to ripping their rug, as it seems especially hard wearing.

I have now tried the Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Fly Rug with and without Vamoose. The big difference is in the name, one has Vamoose and one doesn’t. My horses’ field is by a river and in the summer we really struggle with midges. I’ve noticed such a difference in personality with Delta (the pony who has the Vamoose rug) since trying these rugs. So much so that I am going to invest in the Vamoose version for my Irish Sports horse who also struggles with the flies, so for that little bit extra it’s the best investment you can make this summer.”

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