Amigo Bravo 12 – Disc Front Closure

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This season we are really excited about Amigo’s latest technology, the Disc Front Closure. We sent our purchasing manager Kim, and her 22 year old thoroughbred ex racehorse Jaguar, out to test Amigo’s new rug:
Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Turnout Lite Disc Front Closure

Initially I was reluctant to try the Disc Front Closure system as I didn’t think it would be easy to use and thought it would be too fiddly, but after trying the rug it is actually very easy to fasten, and the lightweight disc means that the rug doesn’t hang forward due to heavy buckles. It also distributes the pressure across the chest/shoulders more evenly. Being the Plus version it is such a versatile rug as I can remove the hood, and the liner loops mean I can convert it to a Medium/Heavy as I wish, with the liners I already purchased!
Value for money
A really lovely rug that looks smart and is very well made – the colour also makes it feel like a really premium item.
Ease of use
The disc front closure was easy to use and you can in fact do this with one hand, although two hands work well too! The two belly straps make for a nice fit and keep the rug in place.

Jaguar (my 22yr old ex Race Horse “Chief tester!”) seems to be very comfortable in the rug, the polyester lining allows it to move freely over his body when he moves/decided to have a funny 5 minutes galloping around his field! The rug seems to ‘self-right’ itself, even after a good roll in the mud!

 As expected with a Horseware rug it really is very well made.  The quality is great and I expect it will last us a good few years.

The rug is really smart and we got lots of compliments from others at the yard. It fits really nicely and doesn’t leave any exposed areas to catch a chill!

True to size
With Horseware rugs it is generally recommended to go up one size, so I opted for a 6ft 3” instead of his normal 6ft 0” and it fitted perfectly.
–  Lightweight front of the rug
–  Smart to look at
–  Good fitting

–  If the disc gets muddy it may get messy, but I guess no more so than buckles
–  It can be a little fiddly to get the velcro behind the disc in the correct position but with a bit of practice it was fine
Kim rated the rug:
Value for Money

Easy to Use





   “I would absolutely recommend this rug, it’s great quality, a good fit and very smart. What more could you want!”


Want to learn more? Click here for more information on the Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Turnout Lite!

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