Horseback Holidays – Ride of your Life

Wouldn’t it be incredible to travel the world by horseback? Seeing some of the greatest sights in the world atop a beautiful animals. I imagine horseback holidays are a feeling of pure freedom.

However, as much as we love our own horses, we can’t exactly book them an Easy Jet seat to a far corner of the world and they’re definitely not fitting in our suitcases.

So, what can be done about this dream? Lots of places across the world now offer incredible horseback holidays with a choice of plenty of horses. Whether you fancy trekking through the desert or galloping along the coast, there’s a trail out there to suit your needs. We’ve found some of our favourites on the market!

Portugal – Alentego Trails
On this holiday, you ride beautiful Lusitano horses on three varying trail rides on the Alentego coast line. The Alentej Coastal route is a linear trail which travels south along the coast line before delving inland to the mountains. You trot through cork-oak plantations, wheatfields, vineyards and groves of olive trees. Then you will gallop through eucalyptus forests and estuarine wetlands, before cantering along deserted wild Atlantic beaches. Riders are treated on the Dolphin trail with a half day boat trip on the hunt for dolphins in the Atlantic ocean. Your nights will be spent in local guest houses and hotels letting you rest up before continuing the trek the following day.

South Africa – Ant’s Lodges
As an animal lover, where is better to explore on horseback than a private game reserve. Ant and Tessa Baber own Ant’s Lodges. They provide the perfect combination of luxury and uniqueness with your very own personal safari. They offer incredible riding safaris and plenty of other activities at their two lodges. You can ride a range of horses, from Thoroughbreds and Arabs to Boerperd crosses. This trip caters to all abilities. The website boasts of how horseback is the best way to get close to the animals and you’ll be amazed at how close you’ll get. Fear not however, as there are no lions so you won’t get eaten! There are a wide array of animals to see, such as rhino, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and african wild cats!

India – Tours of the Raj
Take a dive into another culture, by visiting India on your horseback holidays. This trip combines the incredible experience or riding through the magnificent Raj Kingdoms with the rare opportunity to ride Indian horses such as the Marwaris and the Sindhis. Throughout the trip, you ride across terrain that is untouched and unspoilt, travelling through remote villages and deserts. Embrace a completely different life by interacting with the locals. You will eat local delicacies while listen to local musicians. The trip is based at the Marwari stables, located at a former palace. This means the views will be spectacular from the off. This has been chosen as one of the Daily Mail and Sunday Telegraph’s top ten riding destinations in the world.

USA – Colorado Creek
Nestled into its very own mountain valley, this 600 acre family guest ranch will give you the holiday of a lifetime. This group have offered authentic Western holidays for more than 70 years. They know what they’re doing. The ranch homes over 100 homebred horses with plenty of ranch facilities. Where else would you go for a Western adventure for all the family. Alongside riding the trails, there are opportunities to swim, have cookouts, go fishing, learn dancing and attend campfires, hayrides and carnivals. There will even be rodeos, pack trips, golfing, hunting and rafting trips. This is a trip suitable for the whole family and you can tailor activities specifically for your needs.

New Zealand – Mountain Pack Trails
Imagine yourself exploring New Zealand’s South Island on horseback, up in the midsts of snow capped mountains. You will trek through mountain passes, negotiate fording great rivers and gallop across the open plains. Your evenings will be spent with meals over an open fire and a glass of wine in front of your shepherds lodge. This is a remote as you can get. Most of the area covered is vastly unpopulated and and inaccessible by vehicles. You’ll be at the heart of nature with nothing but the sounds of wildlife and the wind.


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We guarantee we’ll be booking plenty of horseback holidays soon!

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