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There is such a large horse riding community around the world and thanks to the Internet we can now all interact with each other, wherever we may be. We can make friends all over the world who share our passions and that is great! This is an amazing way to exchange tips, post footage and learn even more about what we love. Here at Equine Superstore we love to discover more so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite blogs!


If The Saddle Fits

Mother, photographer and horse lover Kristen is the ultimate multi-tasker, with over 25 years of equine experience, including riding and jumping. She began riding before also spending years as a professional groom and barn manager, working her way through the job titles at a livery and also spending time as a pro starting babies. Kristen is a gem of passion and has a wealth of experience that she is more than happy to share. Now a mother and military wife, she has created If The Saddle Fits, a blog that has everything from photography to fitness tips and recipes.

2.  Horse Listening

Horse Listening is one of the most established equestrian blogs on the circuit and has already published three books! Author Kathy Farrokhzad says the magic touch is a combination of Horses, Riding and Life. She created the site for people similar to her who are really passionate about all things equine. It is full of useful resources, diary posts and business contacts. Kathy has been involved in the industry for over 20 years as a rider, boarder, owner, competitor, coach, trainer and breeder, she’s really done it all!

3. Haynet

Haynet is a social network for everyone involved in the equine and country world. It has over 2000 members and contributors who provide a committed and experience collection of blogs. You can find short fiction, equine specific blogs and a forum for any equine questions you may have. Its a collection of text from people all over the world. Contributions come from horse riders, farmers or just people living a country life who want to share their stories. The beauty of this site is that there’s no need to trawl through the internet as they are all collected in one place.

4. Horse Network

Similarly to Haynet, Horse Network is a collaborative effort of horse lovers, athletes, equine professionals and hobbyists. Since launching in 2012, they have grown a great team of people who love horses and publish exciting content each day. They also accept submissions from budding bloggers in order to grow their network and give other writers their chance to shine! They cover news, sports, horse health, lifestyle and even run a shop alongside.

5. Writing Horseback

This blog is created by Nancy, a horse lover and avid traveller. Her blog Writing Horseback keeps you up to date with all of the latest equine travel deals. She combines her passion for travel with her love of horse to provide incredible insight and recommendations for ideal horse related holidays, whether its accommodation, travel or reviews. Some of her reviews include trips she’s taken to Texas, Ireland and even Iceland! An exciting prospect when reading through her site is her ventures to South Africa for a horseback safari! She also writes equipment reviews alongside.

6. Daily Horse Drawings

Sometimes, you don’t fancy reading but it’s always nice having something pretty to look at. The owner of the site challenged themselves in 2015 to draw a horse everyday. The drawings are skilled and really pleasing to look at, so give it a look!


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