Weatherbeeta’s ComFiTec Range

This year Weatherbeeta launched their whole new range of turnout rugs – ComFiTec. The range includes 4 collections: ComFiTec Ultra, ComFiTec Premier, ComFiTec Plus and ComFiTec Essential. These are to offer you the right mix of comfort, fit and durability for your horse, lifestyle and budget. But what are the differences between the collections? Let’s break it down!

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ultra
“The ultimate in comfort, fit & durability. The finest protection we have ever made.”

Ultra is Weatherbeeta’s ultimate in protection. It is by far the snuggest and most durable collection of turnouts they have produced to date. With 1680 denier ballistic nylon, teflon coated outer shells, they are practically indestructible. Even whilst worn by those Weatherbeeta previously deemed ‘rug wreckers’! As you would expect, the outer is also fully waterproof and breathable. In addition, these rugs now have the addition of a Cozi Guard neck section. This sits on top of the removable waterproof Snug Fit neck piece, for unbeatable protection of the neck and chest area. These features combine to make for the best defense against those harsh winter days.

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The neck isn’t the only area Weatherbeeta have focused on in the creation of this style. It also features a an adjustable belly wrap and a large full wrap tail flap, for unbeatable protection against the elements. They certainly haven’t scrimped on the comfort features either. There’s the addition of a new memory foam wither relief pad which molds to the shape of your horse. Therefore, increasing comfort levels no end and reducing rubbing dramatically. These rugs also now feature removable and adjustable elasticated leg straps. They come with a new padded section that sits against the horse’s leg to avoid pressure in sensitive areas. You can sleep easy knowing that damage to the leg straps can be quickly resolved with a simple change of strap!

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All of this has been combined with Weathebeeta’s Freedom System, which is cut higher and set further forward than a traditional shoulder gusset. This allows for a greater and more natural range of movement, and consequently, a happier horse. As if this wasn’t enough, these rugs are finished with Weatherbeeta’s Quick Clip front closure, for fast, easy rugging up, and feature reflective strips and gusset inlay for increased safety and visibility in low light conditions.


Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Premier
“Premium quality. Created for superior comfort & fit.”

The focus of this collection is on getting the perfect fit, and in turn, increasing the comfort of your horse. Whilst these rugs benefit from lots of the great features mentioned above, they also sport some innovative new features of their own. However, in the interest of giving you the widest range of choice, Weatherbeeta have created 3 sub-lines within this collection; Free, Trio and Thinsulate, which all offer slightly different features and benefits… after all, all horses are different too!

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Premier Free
This model has been designed with extreme freedom of movement in mind. It features the same great Freedom System, with cupped shoulder darts and a higher, longer and further forward positioned gusset, to allow for a more natural range of movement. It also features a new Ezi-Buckle which sits underneath the new Full Embrace Wrap. This means the front closure sits higher on the chest, meaning better coverage on that area, but with less pressure, giving more freedom for forwards movement. The Ezi-Buckle is also great for use with cold or gloved hands, as it releases with one easy press, eliminated the faff!

Available in Peacock/Shale or Grey Plaid


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The Premier Free is also available in a Combo Neck Medium and Heavy in a variety of colours.

Premier Thinsulate
Revolutionising warmth technology, the Thinsulate is perfect for keeping your horse nice and toasty, without the extra bulk of a heavy rug. The new Thermi-Heat lining maintains warmth and prevents heat loss whilst allowing excess moisture to escape. Due to this, it utilises thermal reflection to ensure your horse is comfortable in the cold weather without getting sweaty under the rug. Pair this with it’s combo neck design and you’ve got a cosy solution suitable for any chilly winter day.

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Premier Trio
The Trio is also designed with the focus on warmth, but has been carefully constructed to provide a more adaptable solution for those that like to be able to change their level of protection, and is therefore suitable for use throughout the year.

The 1200 denier triple weave outer with it’s Repel Shell coating has 100g of polyfil and can be used on its own as a lighter weight rug, or combined with the 200g liner that comes with it, to make it into a medium weight rug. This 210 denier liner is easily attached/detached using the integrated touch tape tabs on the neck and clips on the rear, and can be left as one single piece for faster rugging up, or added to once already in situ, to ensure the fitting of each layer separately.

100g and 300g liners are also available for purchase separately, so you really can tailor it to best fit the current climate and your horse’s needs. The detachable neck piece means you can also have a combo or standard neck rug in every weight!

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Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Plus
“Comfortable, durable & remarkable value.”

The purpose of this collection was to find the perfect balance between technical features and value, and we think they’ve hit the nail on the head! On top of all the great classic Weatherbeeta features, including a traditional gusset for natural movement, a large tail flap and removable/adjustable elasticated leg straps, these rugs also benefit from additional premium features, that make this collection well worth investing in.

Available in Black/Orange or Purple/Black


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The super strong and durable 1200 denier triple weave outer with a repel shell coating, is both waterproof and breathable, acting as the first line of defense against torrid weather conditions and general daily wear and tear, perfect for the ‘rug wreckers’ out there. The new Ezi-Clip, just like the Ezi-Buckle, is quick and easy to use, making rugging up a doddle in any weather, while the new memory foam wither relief pad contours to the horse’s shape, lifting the rug off the withers, for increased comfort and minimised rubbing.

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The lightweight rugs in this collection boast the same great features as the heavier versions, providing great all round protection for the warmer months of the year, when spring showers and cool winds are to be expected. We love the bright colours and playful prints they’ve introduced for this Spring/Summer collection!

Available in Blue/Lemon or Purple/Black


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With these rugs available in a range of smart, fun and practical colourways, and in every weight and neck style, they’re great all rounders and will serve you and your horse well for years to come.

The ComFiTec Plus Dynamic also comes in a Combo Neck Lite, Medium/Lite, Medium Wide and Heavy, a Standard Neck Lite Wide, Medium/Lite, Medium and Medium Wide, and a Detach-A-Neck Medium in a variety of colours.

Shop the full ComFiTec Plus collection here >



Weatherbeeta ComFiTec
“Weatherbeeta quality & incredible value.”

Catering to a slightly smaller budget, this collection covers the Essentail and Classic models, which boast all of Weatherbeeta’s fantastic ‘tried and tested’ features we have grown to love over the years, at an outstanding price. Cutting back on the fuss, these rugs deliver great protection, with a waterproof and breathable Ripstop, Repel Shell outer for durability, a traditional gusset for natural movement, and adjustable/removable leg straps for comfort and convenience.

Available in Blue/Grey/Pink or Red/Silver/Navy


Get your Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Classic Standard Medium here >


Available in Grey/Blue/Pink and Navy/Silver/Red


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The lighter weight options offer affordable protection in the Spring months. The waterproof and breathable outer providing ample protection against the unpredictable British weather. At these prices, we’d stock up!

Get your Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Classic Combo Lite here >


Get your Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Combo Lite here >


Again, these rugs come in a range of bold and practical colours, in varying weights and neck styles. Therefore, we challenge you to do without at least one of these great staples!

The ComFiTec Classic is also available in a Combo Neck Medium and Heavy, and a Standard Neck Lite

Shop the full ComFitec Classic collection here >


The ComFiTec Essential is also available in a Combo Neck Heavy, and a Standard Neck Lite and Medium

Shop the full ComFitec Essential collection here >


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