Shoulder Rub – Keep your horse protected

It is essential to ensure that your horse is as well protected as possible during these cold months. We all know how much our horses love their horse rugs during winter but the irritation caused by blanket rub can be a real problem. Shoulder rub can cause your horse a lot of unnecessary suffering. It can be easily prevented by choosing a shoulder guard. This will help to prevent any blanket rubbing and associated hair loss. If you want to ensure that your horse is fully protected, then take a look at a selection of shoulder guards from Roma available on Equine Superstore:


Roma Rug Bib Shoulder Guard
The Roma Rug Bib Shoulder Guard is especially designed to minimise rubbing. This shoulder guard is ideal for use with a standard rug. It provides a secure and snug fit over your horse’s shoulders, withers and chest. The guard also boasts a diamond cotton quilted design with a satin lining. This adds to your horse’s comfort and style!

We are able to offer the Roma Rub Bib Shoulder Guard for ponies, cobs and adult horses for only £16.99 here.



Roma Lycra Shoulder Guard
This Lycra shoulder guard gives your horse comfort and an optimum fit to offer unrivalled protection. The guard features touch tape and elastic body rollers for touch of extra comfort and protection. There is full shoulder coverage to make sure that your horse is fully protected and as comfortable as possible.

We are able to offer you the Roma Lycra Shoulder guard in navy for cobs, ponies and full size horses for only £27.99 here.



Roma Satin Shoulder Guard
The Roma Satin Shoulder Guard is made from 100% Polyester and offers your horse unrivalled comfort during the winter months. This dynamic Roma Shoulder Guard boats a material loop to ensure that the shoulder guard does not slip when worn. For your convenience the Roma Satin Shoulder Guard is fully machine washable.

We can offer you this Roma Shoulder Guard for only £8.99 here.

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