Saddle Cloths and Numnahs – The Guide

Saddle cloths and numnahs are two pieces of equipment that serve a similar purpose. They are inserted beneath the saddle in order to absorb the horse’s sweat, cushion the saddle and protect the animal’s back.
Saddle cloths
Saddle cloths have been used for many many years – centuries in fact – with a number of different types of saddle. They come in a variety of styles and sizes in order to cater for a number of different situations. Most saddle cloths will be made out of wool, cotton or synthetic fabrics with similar characteristics. They come in a number of different thicknesses. Some cloths are designed to be folded and are therefore double thickness. This offers your horse more comfort and warmth in the colder months. Saddle cloths can also be used, to fix a minor fitting issue with your saddle. When fitted below a saddle, a saddle cloth will usually be approximately 35 inches (0.89 m) square, although designs do vary to fit horses of different sizes.
A numnah is similar in function to a saddle cloth, however, it is more like a saddle pad. Essentially the main difference between a numnah and a saddle cloth is the fact that a numnah is shaped around the saddle, and a cloth is usually a square piece of material. Numnahs fit snugly beneath your saddle so that only a small part of the material is visible to any onlookers. Seeing as less material is covering your horse, they may be a better option during the hotter months. However, most people choose between a numnah and a saddle cloth based on personal preference. It is often a style thing, which is subjective, so go with whichever you prefer. A numnah can also come in a number of thicknesses, however, they do tend to be a little thicker than saddlecloths. They are good for absorbing shock which is good for preventing fatigue to your horse’s back muscles. A numnah can also have an outer felt or foam layer with a soft cover on the inside, which is in direct contact with the horse.
Three saddle cloths and numnahs available on Equine Superstore
Here at Equine Superstore we stock a wide and varying range of saddle cloths and numnahs. So, here are three that we feel could be perfect for you.
Economy option
A trustworthy product, the Roma Grand Prix numnah, is perfect to use under general purpose saddles. The numnah is soft, yet durable. The finishing of the cotton drill outer gives a diamond quilted look. The Roma Grand Prix numnah is machine washable, which is convenient. We found the numnah to be smart enough for competition use, but also a good practical option for everyday riding.
Middle of the road
The Roma Ecole Star Quilt All Purpose Saddle Pad  is a soft pad with cushioning for comfort and a star quilted detail. It features contrasting colour edging and a Wick Easy lining. This is specially designed to wick away moisture leaving your horse dry and comfortable. It is also available in a variety of colours.
Top end
The Roma Sheepskin All Purpose Numnah is perfect if you are willing to spend that little bit extra. It is an all purpose all action numnah that is half lined with luxurious sheepskin. This offers plenty of extra comfort and it also adds to the aesthetic value of the numnah itself. Why not browse the saddle cloths and numnahs available on our site?

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