The Rambo IONIC Range

You can always count on Rambo to be at the forefront of technology when it comes to developing new equestrian products. This isn’t any different in their latest range with their use of IONIC technology. Introducing the Rambo IONIC Stable Sheet and Stable Boots!

In this blog we will introduce the new technology and give you an honest review of how these products work!
What is IONIC technology?

“Negative ions for positive results!”
The IONIC range has been developed by Horseware to aid both horses and humans through stimulation, strengthening and support. It has been scientifically created using a naturally occurring crystal – Tourmaline. This crystal, when in the form of a powder, produces an electric charge which converts the air molecules to negative ions. These are then infused into the body, impacting the size of water molecules in the blood stream. The molecules are then reduced in size as the ions neutralize the water’s natural positive charge. This process allows them to move faster around the body, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
What can IONIC technology do to help me and my horse?

Regulates circulation and increases the cells ability to absorb oxygen
Encourages a faster metabolic rate by improving the cells permeability
Speeds up oxidation of serotonin in the blood leading to improved mood levels and pain relief
Regulates enzyme activity
Improves the bloods hydration capacity, making bodily fluids more mobile, therefore improving circulation
Increased oxygen levels in the muscle tissue, which aids greater energy levels
Aids the reinforcement of collagen production
Stimulates the body’s natural defences and immune system
Regulation of the pH balance of bodily fluids

The IONIC Stable Sheet

The Rambo IONIC Stable Sheet is constructed from a highly wicking and extremely durable fabric, perfect for use whilst travelling, in the stable as well as before and after exercise. We sent our purchasing manager Kim and her ex-racehorse Jaguar to test out the sheet. This was their feedback:

“This is a great therapy rug and is easy to use, I use it for when Jaguar potentially could get stressed as the Tourmaline seems to have calming effects on him which is great! It also helps when he is tense through his back so a great rug to use as a stable rug/under rug or travel rug. A thumbs up from us!”

Comfort – “Jaguar seemed to be comfortable wearing the rug as it fits well the same at his other Horseware items in his wardrobe!”

Easy to use – “Nothing complicated about this rug, pop it on as you would any other sheet!”

Value for money – “Although to start with it seems like a lot of money for a stable sheet it is a great price for such a versatile therapy rug.”

Quality – “This sheet is great quality and was very easy to wash.”

Appearance – “This sheet looked really smart on Jaguar, I really liked the black with orange trim!”

True to size – “As with all Horseware rugs I always tend to go up one size due to the front closure being fixed so being less adjustable through the shoulders. It however is a great fit once on.”

Read more about the IONIC Stable Sheet here.

The IONIC Stable Boots

The Rambo IONIC Stable Boots are designed to keep your horse at the very top of its game by combing the IONIC technology with compression to aid your horse’s legs. They have durable, neoprene outers lined with removable inserts, constructed in a poly/cotton fabric and printed with the ionic technology. Kim and Jaguar were sent back out to test the boots! Here’s what they had to say:

“I used these initially to reduce slight swelling from standing in his stable but these boots actually seemed to create a calming effect on Jaguar who can be stressy at times. They really do help in reducing the swelling but I now just use them to keep him calm too!”

Comfort – “Jaguar seemed comfortable in the boots, he can be ‘funny’ with boots on his legs at times but has accepted these really well and they don’t seem to cause him any issues.”

Easy to use – “Very easy to use, just Velcro up and go!”

Value for money – “These boots really are great value for money, they are really well made and feel like a quality product in comparison to some Stable Boots in the market. These really did help reduce the swelling in his legs and are great as can be used on both front and rear as required.”

Quality – “These boots are really well made and feel like a quality boot. They are great as the inserts are removable so makes both parts easy to wash together or separately.”

Appearance – “They are very smart and well-fitting boots”

True to size – “These only come in 2 sizes, I opted for the Full size as he is only 16hh with fairly light bone, however I’m not sure how they would suit a smaller/fine horses/pony though.”

Read more about the IONIC Stable Boots here.

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