Jodhpur Boots – Buying Guide

Jodhpur boots are classic riding boots. They are short at ankle height and have an ankle strap as well as a wooden heel. These boots are not only fashionable but they are also functional and comfy. This means you don’t have to substitute practicality for style.

Jodhpur boots are designed for comfort and ease of use. You will want a snug fit to ensure that you maintain control of the horse with ease.

As with all riding gear, you want to ensure that you spend time browsing a number of brands and designs. Don’t invest in a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable or don’t fit, so take your time and shop around.

Here is our guide to help you make sure that you make the right decision when choosing your next pair of jodhpur boots.

Wearing jodhpur boots
You should aim to wear jodhpur boots with jodhpurs – the clue is in the name. However, these boots are extremely versatile and shouldn’t be restricted to only being worn with jodhpurs. You can look just as good wearing a pair of these on horseback as you can out and about in town.
These shoes lack zippers or laces, so they are easily slipped on and off. They are held tight to your foot with the characteristic elastic side. These boots are often chosen by beginners as they are easier to get on and off and more comfortable than longer horse riding boots. They are also suitable for all types of riding.
Choosing jodhpur boots
When it comes to shopping for jodhpur boots, it is important that you take your time and make the right decision. As with all riding boots you will need to ensure that they are well suited to you and your style of riding. Safety should always be key, It is wise to opt for a pair with a reinforced steel toe cap. This will keep your toes safe if your horse steps back onto your foot. A very clearly defined heel will allow you to secure your foot in place when riding with ease. Most top quality jodhpur boots will come with these features anyway, but there are a few other features that you may wish to consider. You will want to choose between classic strap boots and those with elastic sides. This will come down to your own personal preference.

Maintaining your jodhpur boots
Once you have made your purchase, you will want to ensure that you maintain your jodhpur boots. If you treat them well they will last a long time. . Clean them regularly and apply boot polish to them once they are clean. The application of boot polish will help protect the leather next time you wear them out. You can also use a boot dryer on wet boots in order to prevent water damage to the leather. This will prevent the boots from becoming misshapen.

Read our guide on boot care.


Our range is wide and varied with boots from a number of brands including Toggi, Brogini, Kanyon and more. Here are two pairs we recommend –

The Toggi Ottowa Jodhpur Boots are handmade leather boots designed with comfort in mind. They feature a breathable PU lining throughout and a cemented resin neolite sole unit, offering unbeatable performance. They have the classic jodhpur boot elasticated gusset and Toggi signature tab for ease of wear. These classic unisex boots are perfect riding, and are suitable for both the stable and shows.

These Toggi Epsom Jodhpur Boots are leather jodhpur boots with full grain leather upper and arch-mounted footbed for comfort. The Toggi Epsom Jodhpur Boots has a double thick elasticated gusset, gel bag in footbed for comfort and absorbency, breathable lining and rubber sole.

If neither of these impress, however, then why not click here and browse all of the jodhpur boots that we have on offer?

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