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Protechmasta | Infrared Technology From Masta
Protechmasta is an award winning therapy system. It was developed by Masta to help improve the wellbeing of your horse, using cutting edge infrared technology. The range consists of a rug and leg wraps, both designed to aid preparation and repair. This is done before and after exercise.

Why Infrared?
Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is the band of radiation that transfers energy purely in the form of heat. It has the ability to be perceived by the thermoreceptors in skin as radient heat. These FIR waves are produced naturally by our bodies and their heating effect makes us feel more energised yet relaxed. Therefore, enhancing these waves can have significant health benefits. These external waves are able to penetrate up to 4cm below the skin’s surface, making this technolgy perfect for theraputic use to improve wellbeing.

How Protechmasta Works – The Science Behind The Technology
Hundreds of threads in the fabric of the Protechmasta Rug and Leg Wraps are blended with special ceramic powders. These generate FIR waves. These threads direct the waves they create into the skin while also reflecting the natural FIR waves produced by the body. These waves are absorbed by water molecules at a cellular level. These then start to vibrate a little more than usual creating a gentle warming effect. This produces a ‘domino effect’ of benefits. It gives increased core and muscle temperature leading to a widening of blood vessels and enhanced circulation. This brings valuable oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This leads to faster removal of toxins like lactic acid and sulphur dioxide, resulting in: an increased metabolism, healthier muscles, improved disease resistance and fatigue relief.

The diagram below demonstrates the process in action;

When Should You Use The Protechmasta?
When used before or after exercise, the Protechmasta acheives the following benefits;

Before Exercise

Gently increases blood flow to provide extra oxygen and nutrients to muscles
Widens blood vessels for better circulation
Enhances metabolism
Increases the temperature of the core and muscles
Stimulates and relaxes

After Exercise

Reduces inflammation or swelling
Detoxifies – Faster removal of toxins such as lactic acid and sulphur dioxide
Relieves fatigue
Boosts the immune system for improved desease resistance
Promotes faster repair of muscles and ligaments


Additional Benefits of the Protechmasta
In addition to all the theraputic benefits, the Protechmasta Rug boasts some other fantastic features. Constructed in a soft and absorbent 3D air mesh fabric, it’s designed to wick away moisture quickly and effectively. Air pockets in the fabric help to circulate warm air around your horse. The rug regulates the body temperate and  prevents the horse from cooling down too quickly.

The rug fastens with a double surcingle front closure and cross surcingles for a great fit. It is machine washable without damaging the rug’s infrared properties.

Find out more about the Protechmasta Infrared Therapy Rug in this short video;

5ft 9″ – 7ft 3″ | RRP: £135.00
Get your Protechmasta Infrared Rug Now >

Protechmasta Infrared Leg Wraps
Using the same Far Infrared Radiation technology, the Protechmasta Leg Wraps are designed to protect your horse’s legs. They do this before and after exercise, resulting in healthier tendons and ligaments.

The key features of these theraputic wraps are;

Super wicking – Soft and absorbent airmesh fabric to wick away moisture quickly and effectively
Gently increases blood flow to tendons and ligaments to help warm them up before exercise, thus preventing injury
Ideal for use after exercise to detoxify and reduce inflammation or swelling
Ergonomically shaped to fit both the front and back legs
Easy to use fastenings – velcro straps for a secure and comfortable fit


Similarly to the rug, the Protechmasta Leg Wraps are fully breathable and machine washable.


Pony, Cob, Full and X Full | RRP: £65.00

Get your Protechmasta Leg Wraps Now >

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