Dublin Performance Tyt-ACTIVE Riding Tights

When Dublin first established themselves way back in 1980, they released a pair of riding jodhpurs that they hoped would change the way people ride. It appears they still have the same aspirations today. The brand new Performance Tyt-ACTIVE range from Dublin is a contemporary, innovative collection of riding tights, developed with the freedom and comfort of every rider in mind. The three and a half decades of Dublin heritage and expertise are showcased in their most recent design and we are delighted to be stockists of this impressive new range.

The Dublin Performance Cool-It Gel Riding Tights and Warm-It Gel Riding Tights are part of the latest selection to hit Equine Superstore. With scientifically engineered ‘Super Stretch performance fabric’ that has the ability to move in any which way you want, it is clear that the brand have aimed to create legwear that provides flexibility, performance and a feel of natural comfort for every rider – regardless of your shape, size or ability.

Dublin Performance Cool-It Gel Riding Tights
The minimal thickness and single layer of material allow the tights to hug your skin, increasing your ability perform exactly how you wish and adding to the unchallenged natural feel. This close-body contact helps to regulate the blood flow to your legs and therefore increases the responsiveness of your working muscles, letting you ride, jump and move in a more powerful and efficient way.

Not only is the material flexible and free, but it performs continuously to cool your body while you work. The fast-drying technology helps absorb and control any unwanted water and moisture wicking fabric draws away any damp. The single layer helps to keep your temperature low so that you can wear them in total comfort.

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Dublin Performance Warm-It Gel Riding Tights
Alternatively, the Warm-It Gel Riding Tights  act in the opposite fashion and are perfect for the cold wintry months. The stretch fabric is insulated and tightly formed to prevent any heat escaping. Therefore locking in the warmth to stop you feeling the chill whilst exposed to the elements. Another comfort feature is the new PU Gel printed full seat. This works to give you a better stable grip in the saddle as well as providing extra layers of padding. This seat allows you to ride with confidence and security. The stretch fabric lets you put them on with ease. The belt loops allow you to tighten the waist for a closer fit.

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The Gel Riding Tights are by no means just for riding, however. Their stylish but professional appearance combines with technical practicality meaning they can be worn anywhere! If you’re mucking out in the yard or tending to your horse in the stable; Dublin Performance Tights are suitable for every equestrian activity. Therefore making them not only extremely convenient, but also unbeatable value for money. Whatever the purpose, Tyt-ACTIVE are the ultimate must-buy, and you can get them in our store right now

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