Your Extensive Guide To Dublin’s New Country Boots

The Autumn season is fast approaching, and that means rain. Rain means mud, and mud means country boots! That’s why we’ve stocked up on three of Dublin’s finest country boots for the weather ahead. For years Dublin have prided themselves on making the most durable, technical and popular country boots around and they’ve made no exceptions for their Pinnacle, Wye and our exclusive Thames models. We’ll tell you a little bit about each of these iconic Dublin country boots and all you have to do is take your pick…

Dublin Pinnacle Full Grain Leather Country Boots
The Pinnacle is a premium, classic style boot that has been a successful investment ever since its creation. The lace adjustments down the side not only make the boot easier to put on and take off, but also provide a decorative touch to make the boot more stylish.

The introduction of the slick, black, full grain leather edition (above) comes in response to the outstanding success of the original Pinnacle boot; the stealthy new image makes this boot even more popular! Not only does the leather look good, but it moves with unchallenged ease, and the softness of the full grain increases the suppleness of the boot, giving your feet more room to change and adapt – making it the ultimate choice for riding.

Packed with technical features, it’s extremely comfortable and entirely waterproof. The sole of the Pinnacle is built with a unique Rider Comfort System (RCS) footbed, consisting of three layers. The very top of the sole is constructed with a moisture control lining, which helps to wick away any unnecessary damp, ensuring your feet stay dry. This is placed on top of the enhanced cushion layer, a thick layer of foam padding which provides enduring comfort and support throughout the day. The next layer consists of a cradled heel and arch support, which structures the shoe to accommodate the natural ‘raised arch’ shape of your foot, so you can move in a more natural and organic way. All of these layers are then built onto an internal ABS shank – a lightweight support mechanism that promotes forefoot flexion and increases stability.

The complexity of the Rider Comfort System makes all three boots a must buy, not only are you treating yourself but you’re treating your feet!

All three styles are also finished with a durable Tough Tech rubber outsole, which enhances the grip of your step in wet and slippery conditions, whilst increasing the flexibility you have when moving.

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Dublin Wye Country Boots
The Dublin Wye Boots boast all the impressive features of the Pinnacle, but have a far more extravagant, stylish country look.

The two-tone full grain leather includes a chap style overlay for a contemporary, innovative look. In addition, there is a full length waterproof zip on the outside of the boot for simple access and improved comfort. As the Wye comes in slightly cheaper than the Pinnacle, but is packed with all the same quality features, it makes for the perfect investment for riders of all abilities.

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Dublin Thames Country Boots
The final pair are the NEW Dublin Thames Boots, which are not only incredible value for money, but are also an exclusive product of Equine Superstore – you cannot get them anywhere else!

Once again, they include all of the technical, comfort and performance features that make Dublin boots so practical. However, they are also built with distinctive character and style! The majority of the boot is formed of full grain leather. The plaid insert at the top of the boot combined with a delicate lace finish makes it one of the most desirable boots on the market. No other boot combines quality with style like the Thames! The waterproof half zip down the inside provides extra room for you to position your foot exactly as you like, so maximum comfort can be achieved. If you fancy stylish quality, the exclusive Dublin Thames is the boot for you!

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Caring For Your Dublin Country Boots
Now you’ve chosen your boot! But how do you look after your Dublin country boots once you’ve made your choice? Here is exactly how Dublin recommend you protect and clean your prized footwear:

Clean – After wearing your boots, there may be lots of dirt stuck on them. Therefore use a damp cloth to wipe them down after each use.
Dry – It is important that your boots dry completely before being worn again. Dry them naturally in an aerated place that is away from any direct heat.
Condition – If you wish for the pristine  shine that they had upon purchase, you must condition them regularly. Use a leather conditioner to do this. You should apply it thoroughly with a sponge across all sections of leather. This work in just a few minutes, remove any excess conditioner after this period.
Polish – To maintain a brand new look, use a soft cloth to rub boot polish/beeswax into the leather. Then leave it to soak in and dry, the boots will be as good as new!
Weatherproof – although Dublin pride themselves on making their boots entirely waterproof, nothing is ever a guaranteed! This is why you should always use a waterproofing spray to solidify this feature.

Top Tip – Always test conditioners and polishes on a smaller area first before you treat the entire product. This is because some solutions may be harmful. Only ever be applied these to leathers, as other materials will be damaged!

What Next?
Now you’ve got all the facts you need to make the perfect choice! Therefore you can go ahead and browse the store. These three Dublin country boots have everything you need to help your feet survive the cold, wet months ahead. So think carefully but remember, whichever pair you pick, you’ve made the right decision!

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