How To Bridle A Horse – A Guide To Fitting

Putting a bridle on a horse is a simple procedure, once you know how.

Like anything, it might take a few tries until you really nail it, but once you have, it will be as easy as riding a bike! When bridling your horse, it’s important that you get it spot on to avoid causing them any discomfort.

To correctly bridle your horse, follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

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How to bridle a horse – Step by step

Before you put a bridle on your horse, you should first put them in a halter. Then tie the lead line to a post in order to keep your horse stationary and stop them from wandering off.
Once your horse is secured in place, check to ensure that all your other tack has been adjusted properly. After you’ve made all your checks, position yourself on the left-hand-side of the horse.
Now that you’re in place, you can remove the halter from the horse. Place it around the horse’s neck to prevent it from walking off.


Place your right hand on the horse’s head between the ears, with your fingers pointing down towards the nose. With your hand is in place, gently push down until your horse drops its head.
Hold the top of the headstall on the horse bridle with your right hand and separate the mouthpiece from the reins. Hold it to the horse’s lips, and they should open their mouth automatically.
While your horse’s mouth is open, simply slip the bit into their mouth. This should be relatively easy, however, if your horse resists you shouldn’t force it in. This can cause them distress.
Once the bit’s in the right place you’ll be able to slip the headstall over the horse’s ears.


The length of the face straps needs to be adjusted. Tighten them slowly until there are one or two wrinkles in the skin situated at the corner of your horse’s mouth. Make sure the bridle doesn’t pull too hard.
If your horse bridle has a chin strap then you can adjust this too, making sure that you can fit two fingers between the horse’s throat and the strap.
Then hold both reins firmly before undoing the halter.
When walking with your horse you should keep them on your right-hand-side.

So there you have it, our concise guide to bridling your horse. Follow the above steps closely and you should have no problem!
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