Horse Christmas Presents – What to Buy?

Christmas is rolling around. This statement is usually accompanied by a hundred people complaining that it is far too soon to be talking about the festive season. But here at Equine Superstore we know that lots of people out there plan ahead to ensure that they aren’t scraping for their final few coppers on Christmas Eve in order to buy the remaining gifts for their loved ones. We also know that a number of people will be looking to treat their horses to some wonderful gifts this Christmas. And we LOVE horse christmas presents.

Whilst the tale of old Saint Nick and his flying reindeer is lost on horses, or most animals to be fair, it doesn’t mean your equine friends can’t enjoy the festive season too. Equine Superstore is great for Christmas shopping. You can browse away for hours looking at some great gift ideas for your family and friends. And, we also stock a large number of presents for your horse too.

So, we sat down and thought we would suggest some ideas that could come in handy when you are looking for presents for your beloved horse…

Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit
No Christmas could go past without thousands of people receiving grooming products or smellies as gifts. How do you respond to that? Are they subtly dropping a hint? Do they think you require these gifts in order to achieve a greater level of personal hygiene? Well, luckily, horses don’t have the ability to take offence. That is what is so great about them. So, why not buy your horse the ultimate grooming kit this Christmas?

That’s right, the Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit, is a perfect present for your horsey pal this winter. The carry bag looks great, and allows you to keep your grooming tools and utensils in order throughout the year. As well as the cracking bag, this kit comes with a number of brushes and other bits and bobs.

The kit contains the Roma Curry Comb as well as the Soft Touch Mane and Tail Comb. And, on top of these combs, you will also receive the Roma Soft Touch Body Brush and the Soft Touch Dandy Brush. But that’s surely it? Nope, that’s not it. This kit also contains a Roma Body Sponge, Sweat Scraper and a Soft Touch Hoof Pick.


Roma Equine Play Ball
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the giving and receiving of some cracking toys. And your horse is no different. Ok, so you won’t be able to purchase the latest Lego set or cuddly bear, but when it comes to toys, your horse can be included too.

This play ball from Roma, is a great Christmas gift for your horse. Described as perfect for the horse that likes to play. So, if your horse has a playful streak, this is the gift to go for. It is perfect for use in the stables or out in the field and can be kicked and thrown around. It is durable, meaning your horse won’t destroy it in five minutes, and it has a nice easy grab handle.

Saxon Fleece Cooler Standard Neck
If you are looking to dress your horse up in some snazzy new clothes this winter, then you should look no further than the Saxon Fleece Cooler. If you decide to knit your horse a nice Christmas jumper then you may be keeping it traditional, however, you may set your horse up for ridicule. So, why not opt for this lightweight fleece rug that is affordable and looks great?

It is the perfect rug for cooling and can also be used as a great under rug. It’s uses don’t stop there though, this rug is even good for keeping your horse clean when travelling. This fleece is anti-polyester, which helps prevent bobbling after use and it also has a wither cuff for extra comfort. It has single chest straps, low cross surcingles and a fillet string.

Weatherbeeta Travel Boots
This set of four travel boots for your horse is a very practical gift idea for your horse. They come with three velcro fastenings, which help to ease the fitting and removing of the boots from your horse. They are also comfortable and durable, which makes them the perfect present.

These boots feature a fleece lining, which protects the horse’s legs and also wicks away any moisture. And, as if all of that wasn’t good enough, they also come in a number of colours, so you can choose the colour that best suits your horsey friend.


So, there you have it, four  ideas for Christmas presents for your horse. And, if you still aren’t satisfied, then why not have a browse of Equine Superstore yourself and see what you can find?

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