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As the cold nights draw in and the winter coats come out, the festive season draws ever nearer. Which means it is time for you to start planning your Christmas shopping. If you are getting your beloved horse a stocking full of presents this year, then you might want some help coming up with some ideas. Here at Equine Superstore, we have a vast array of magnificent little horse stocking fillers available that are perfect for your horse this Christmas.  Take a look at these ideas and hopefully a few will catch your eye.

Christmas Rein Sleeves
If you love to go for a ride on Christmas day, then why not buy your beloved horse a pair of these super Christmas Rein Sleeves? No doubt all you humans will be wearing Christmas clothes when out and about, so why leave your equine pals out? These rein sleeves are made from red nylon with white acrylic fur and bells and they slip onto your horse’s reins with ease.


Christmas Antlers
OK, so if you do decide to go for the Christmas Rein Sleeves, then why not also invest in a lovely pair of Christmas Antlers for your horse? Your horse will look lovely all decked out like Rudolph on Christmas morning and will make your Christmas ride that little bit more enjoyable.

Christmas Exercise Sheet
If you are planning on decking your horse out in Christmas themed gear, then you really will want to consider the ShowQuest Christmas Exercise Sheet. This is a wonderful red riding sheet with a nice white fluffy edge to it. It comes in one size only and is nice and comfy. If you are trying to get the complete Christmas look for your horse, then you really need to opt for this cracking festive sheet.


Christmas Noseband
And finally, in order to complete the Christmas outfit that your horse will adorn, the finishing touch should be this Christmas Noseband. It is red with a nice white fur trim and slips simply over your horse’s noseband. For the complete Christmas look for your horse this festive season, you will want to purchase all of the above and this cracking noseband. All of which, are perfect mini stocking fillers for your horse. However, you may have to help unwrap them.

Roma Backpack 7 Piece Grooming Kit
A grooming kit, such as this one, makes for a perfect stocking filler for your horse this Christmas. This Roma Backpack 7 Piece Grooming Kitcontains a sponge, rubber curry comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper, mane and tail comb, body brush and a dandy brush. The backpack grooming kit is ideal for the young and old horse enthusiast and is available in purple, pink and baby blue.

Right, so there you have it, a few cracking ideas for mini stocking fillers for your horse this Christmas. If these ideas don’t catch your eye then have a browse of Equine Superstore today and see what else there is on offer.

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