Fly Rug Buying Guide: Our Top 5


When protecting your horse throughout the summer, a fly rug is essential. But with so many options out there, how do you know what’s the right choice for you and your horse? We’ve rounded up our top 5 fly rugs to bring you their best features and benefits, so you can make a more informed decision! Whether you’re after a waterproof fly rug or sweet itch rugs, we have a great selection!



1. Rambo Hoody



Does your horse suffer from sweet itch?

If so, this is the rug for you! Constructed in a highly durable, very closely woven 1000 Denier polyester, this Rambo Hoody fly rug will prevent irritation from even the smallest of flies and midges, whilst still being fully breathable. Despite being incredibly durable, this unique material is also super soft and comfortable, featuring a silky neck, shoulder and mane lining to soothe irritated skin and prevent rubbing. This fly sheet also gives great total coverage, with it’s Supersized tail flap and full belly wrap, reducing the possibility of biting midges finding their way under it. It even has a fully integrated neck/hood with ear holes for complete protection, meaning it’s perfect as a first line of defense against sweet itch. In addition to all these great features, this rug also provides excellent UV protection, so you can leave them out in the sun all day worry free. It fastens with Horeware’s patented V-front closure system, allowing your horse a wider range of movement whilst grazing. The three straight surcingles offer a secure and close fit around the belly, and keep the belly flap in place. The Rambo Hoody can be worn with a field safe headcollar for added security.

Summarised Features;

Durable closely woven 1000D polyester fabric
Super soft, comfortable and breathable
Silky neck, shoulder and mane lining
Supersized tail and belly flap
Integrated hood with ear holes
V protection
V-front closure
Three straight surcingles


This great rug comes in Ice Green/Green, in sizes 5ft 6″ to 6ft 9″. Get your Rambo Hoody here >  

2. Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose



“Perfect for those that really struggle with flies, and need the most powerful and long-lasting defense.”

Part of Horseware’s newly updated collection, this fly buster Vamoose rug has been treated with Vamoose, which is a synthesized form of Permethrin, a naturally occurring biocide found in the Chrysanthemum flower, which works as an effective and powerful anti-insect technology. This powerful treatment is sure to keep the flies and insects at bay this summer, allowing your horse to spend the day un-bothered. This treatment lasts up to an impressive 20 washes, providing years of insect protection. This rug is constructed in a unique patented fabric which is not only super soft and comfortable, but also incredibly tough and durable to help prevent nicks, rips or tearing. This soft but strong, breathable fabric moulds to the shape of your horse’s body, giving a close fit and increased levels of protection, while the shoulder and mane lining helps to prevent rubbing. Like the Sweet Itch Hoody, this rug also features UV protection, a supersized tail flap, belly protection with three straight surcingles, and the patented V-front neck closure. However, the Fly Buster Vamoose has a removable neck cover, meaning you can alter the level of protection to your needs. It is also compatible with Horseware’s liner system meaning it can be used in conjunction with a waterproof fly rug liner for those rainy British days.

Summarised Features;

Treated with Vamoose technology ted, durable yet soft and comfortable fabric
Fully breathable
Moulds to the shape of the body
Shoulder and mane lining
UV protection
Detachable neck cover
Supersized tail flap
Belly protection
Leg arches
V-front closure
Three straight surcingles This rug comes in Oatmeal/Black & White, in sizes 5ft 9″ to 6ft 9″.




Get your Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose here >  



3. Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Shield


“Offers total coverage with full belly and neck protection, for horses prone to serious irritation from midges.”

Does your horse experience severe discomfort from insect aggravated areas? Do you regularly see them rubbing and scratching themself against anything in sight? Then you’ve found your solution in this great Weatherbeeta rug! The ComFiTec Shield is perfect for sensitive horses, providing complete head to tail protection against biting flies and midges.

It combines total coverage with a range of comfort features for a highly effective all-round defense. The integrated hood has soft elasticated inserts around the ears and at the wither, for increased comfort without any loss of protection whilst grazing. The two-piece full tail wrap design means it wraps around the hindquarters without restricting tail movement, and the shoulders, mane, and tail flap are lined with nylon to prevent any unnecessary rubbing.

Most fly rugs won’t stretch to cover the full belly, even if they have some coverage. However, the ComFiTec Shield has a fully adjustable and elasticated belly wrap, meaning not only does it provide total coverage but it brings the shape of the rug in with it, offering better protection around the front and hind legs. The addition of side gussets means this doesn’t restrict your horse’s movement.


Summarised Features;

Ear hood with elastic insert around the ears and over the wither for complete protection and added comfort 
210T nylon lined shoulders, mane and tail flap
Traditional side gusset for natural movement
Ezi-clip front closure with touch tape at neck
Full wrap tail flap that has a two-piece design to wrap around the horse’s quarters
Elasticated and adjustable full belly wrap
Elasticated, adjustable and removable leg straps for a secure and comfortable fit


This rug comes in White/Blue, in sizes 5ft 9″ to 7ft 0″. Get your Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Shield here >  


4. Amigo Three-In-One Vamoose – Horse Print


“The ultimate in summer defense, this all-rounder acts as a turnout and a fly sheet in one. Perfect for the unpredictable British summer.”


This waterproof fly rug, the Amigo 3 in 1 Vamoose, has an upper section that consists of a waterproof and breathable 600 Denier polyester. This is seamless in design to prevent your horse getting wet, whilst being shallow enough that your horse won’t overheat. The deep net/mesh sides allow for maximum airflow and breathability, and are cut with front and back leg arches to allow the rug to wrap underneath the belly. They are also treated with Vamoose anti-insect technology for more effective fly repellency. The fully integrated neck also features mesh panels to the sides for extra comfort.

Another great feature of this fly rug is the UV protection it provides, making it suitable for almost every summer weather condition! And as an extra bonus, it also benefits from a shine enhancing polyester lining on the waterproof section and shoulders, so you can sit back and let this rug do some of the work for you! With it’s stylish horse print design and incredible versatility, we think this fly rug is a definite winner this season, and we’ll certainly be making sure we each have one in our personal collection.

Summarised Features;

Acts as a flysheet and turnout in one
Waterproof and breathable
600D polyester upper
Polyester net sides treated with anti-insect Vamoose technology
Shine-enhancing polyester lining on the top section and shoulders
UV protection
Integrated neck
Double chest closure
Leg arches
Fillet string
Extra long tail flap
Three straight surcingles


This rug comes in a Silver/Black colourway, and is available in sizes 5ft 0″ to 7ft 3″. Get your Amigo Three-In-One Vamoose – Horse Print here >  

5. Amigo Aussie Allrounder

“Perfect lightweight sun protection with water resistance for those summer showers.”


If the unpredictable British weather makes you worry that your horse might get caught in the rain in a fly sheet, then let us ease those fears with this great rug. Unlike most fly rugs, the Aussie Allrounder has a water resistant 600 Denier polyester outer, featuring Ripstop technology, meaning not only will it protect your horse from showers but it’s also super durable.Despite this, the lightweight and breathable nature of the fabric means your horse won’t overheat in the sun, and the built in UV protection will prevent damage to their coat and skin. Ideal for sun-sensitive horses or horses with dark coats you want to protect from bleaching.

This fly rug has a slightly more relaxed fit than the other rugs we have featured, fastening with cross surcingles and a classic front closure, but will still provide ample protection from insects while out in the field. The shoulders are nylon lined to prevent rubbing and the hood is detachable to enable you to tailor the level of protection required. The Aussie Allrounder also has front leg arches to aid freedom of movement, along with a tail flap for extra protection and tail strap for a secure fit. Unlike the other rugs we have featured, the sizing for this one starts at 4ft 6″, meaning it’s also suitable for the smaller horse.

Summarised Features;
Water resistant and breathable
Lightweight 600D polyester outer
Ripstop technology for durability
Full UV protection
Nylon lined shoulders
Detachable hood
Classic front closures
Front leg arches
Tail Flap
Tail Strap
Cross surcingles



This fly rug comes in White/Green, and is available in sizes 4ft 6″ to 7ft 0″. Get your Amigo Aussie Allrounder here >  

So those are our big 5! We think there are some fantastic features and technologies out there that you and your horse can really benefit from when planning for the summer months. Hopefully by this point you will have a much clearer idea of which fly rug will best suit you and your horse. But if you don’t see anything here that fits your needs we have tons of other options, from a huge range of great brands, that will suit any budget!

Browse our Summer Sheets & Fly Rugs now > Complete the look with a horse fly mask > Have you already owned one of these products? Write us a review and send it to us on Facebook!

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