Collegiate Bridlewear – The ComFiTec Range

Weatherbeeta and Collegiate bring you a brand new collection this month – Collegiate ComFiTec Bridlewear! The innovative and unique collections are especially designed with comfort and great fit in mind.

Collegiate are riders themselves so have decades of experience when it comes to working alongside horses! They aim to help to make “you and your horse as comfortable as can be, enhancing the connection between you in every way possible.”

The New Range
Their new range, in collaboration with Weatherbeeta offers a number of features that will benefit you:

Anatomically shaped headpiece – This will evenly distribute the pressure across the poll, making it much more comfortable for your horse.

Double padding – There is double padding over the poll area which minimizes the pressure onto the horse, allowing more freedom of movement within the neck muscles.

Shaping and padding – There is shaping and padding around the horses ear which allows for maximum movement, comfort and freedom.

Ergonomically designed noseband – This noseband is shaped to alleviate pressures on the horses upper jaw and molar teeth.

Adjustable slide design nose piece – This means that it can fit a broad range of different horses.

Cheek strap and padded cheek ring – This will help to alleviate and prevent pressure on the facial nerves to make your horse much more comfortable.

The New Bridles
ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle


This bridle offers a hint of luxury as well as great comfort for your horse. The sheepskin bridle is constructed from high quality European leather, whilst the sheepskin noseband offers style and comfort.

Read more about it here.

ComFiTec Patent Bridle


This gorgeous bridle combines a classic style with forward thinking features, meaning it looks great but is also very comfortable for your horse.

Read more about it here.

ComFiTec Crystal Bridle


Give your horse a touch of luxury with this ComFiTec Crystal Bridle! This classy feature combines with the comfort features to keep your horse looking stylish but staying comfortable.

Read more about it here.


ComFiTec Training Bridle


This training bridle offers brilliant features such as an anatomically shaped headpiece, shaped padding around the ears and poll and an ergonomically designed noseband. These features relieve the pressure on the horses poll, upper jaw and molar teeth. ]

Read more about it here.


To see the whole Collegiate range, click here.

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