Buy A Horse Grooming Kit For Your Horse This Christmas

Like any good horse owner I am sure that you have already picked up a gift for your equine friend this Christmas. There are more than enough goodies on the market to put a big smile on your horse’s face this Christmas- but how can you be sure that you are getting something that is worth the money, and more importantly, that your horse will love? As you want to be certain that your horse is going to be neighing with delight, and of course, looking great, then you certainly can never go wrong with a horse grooming kit. So, put a cup of coffee on and know you are going to be making your horse more than a little happy on Christmas Day.

Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit
The Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit is an elegant and versatile horse grooming bag. This horse grooming kit is perfect for using in either the tack room or for taking to shows for those occasions when your horse needs to be looking his or her best. Inside the grooming kit there is a sweat scraper, face brush, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail brush, a hoof pick and a curry comb. This versatile horse grooming kit is available in either Witney chocolate or Witney gold.

You can spoil your horse this Christmas for only £32.99 here on Equine Superstore.

Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit
If you are looking for a horse grooming kit, then this a great alternative to the slightly more expensive Rambo Newmarket Grooming kit above. This Rambo grooming kit is encased in a highly durable polyester grooming bag, complete with the unmistakable Newmarket branding. Included in this grooming kit is a sweat scraper, face brush, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail brush and a curry comb.

You can offer the Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit to you for only £29.99 with a saving of £5 on Equine Superstore here.

 Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit
This carry bag and grooming kit by Roma is an ideal gift for your horse this Christmas and it is a great little piece of kit for you to keep all of your kit clean, tidy and in perfect order. The Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit includes a curry comb, a soft touch body brush, a soft touch dandy brush, a mane and tail comb, a body sponge, a sweat scraper and a soft touch hoof pick.

We can offer you this grooming kit in either blue, pink or purple with a £4 saving, meaning it could put a smile on your horse’s face for only £22.99 here!


Why not take a look at our complete range of horse grooming kits for sale on Equine Superstore and find the ideal grooming kit for your horse.



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