Choosing The Perfect Bridle – A Guide

Bridles are an essential part of your horse’s tack and they are extremely useful when it comes to controlling the horse. These pieces of equipment allow horses to perform much more demanding work that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Historically they also made horses turn quicker and made chariots into the tanks of their time with their speed and accuracy.

They work by using the bit, which applies pressure to the inside of a horse’s mouth. In the years before the bridle became commonly used, the rider would have to pull with considerable strength in order to move the horse’s head.

Bridles have some basic standard components. These include the horse bridle headpiece, which does up behind the ears of the horse; the mouthpiece, which contains the bit; and, of course, the reins, which are attached to the bit and allow the rider to steer and give commands. There are a number of different types of horse bridles that you can get and they vary around the globe. They also vary depending on the type of riding that you are interested in taking part in. So, as we have outlined, bridles are very important items of horse tack and when buying a bridle, there a number of things you should consider to make sure your horse is comfortable and that the bridle is working as it should. Like all pieces of horse equipment, there are a number of different sizes available so it is vital that you choose a bridle that is the correct size. To find out more about buying bridles, read on.
How to choose your new bridle
The first step when choosing bridles is to decide what material you want your new bride to be made from. This will largely be a personal preference. Nylon bridles are cheap, strong, and easy to care for but are not suitable for use in shows. Synthetic leather bridles are basically the same as nylon bridles but look nicer, while leather bridles are the nicest but require much more care and cost more. Bridles, like a lot of horse equipment, come in different colours and which one you choose for your bridle will be dependent on personal preference and on the colour of your horse. The weight of the material for bridles also needs to be decided. Lighter materials look better on a thinner horse while thicker materials look better on larger horses. Like all horse tack, the amount of styles for bridles is almost endless.

All horse tack needs to fit the horse that is going to be using which means you will need to do some measuring before you buy bridles. To measure the headstall, measure from the corner of the mouth, over the poll to the other corner of the mouth. The bridle throat latch is measure around the poll, across the cheeks and 4 of your fingers added. The browband for bridles is measured from left of the left ear, to just past the right ear. The noseband for bridles is fairly self-explanatory. You can search for a wide range of bridles for sale in different sizes here on Equine Superstore. When choosing horse equipment, especially bridles, you need to choose them with other horse equipment in mind so choose the noseband in conjunction with a bit. Some bridles don’t even use a noseband, however.    
So there you have it, our complete guide to buying bridles. You can browse all of the bridles available on Equine Superstore by clicking here. Oh, and, here are three bridles available on this site, that could be perfect for you depending on your budget…
The cheap option
If you are looking to buy a bridle for the first time, then you may want to start off with a cheap option. Here on Equine Superstore, we have the Amigo Mio Bridle, which is perfect if you aren’t looking to splash the cash. This bridle comes with a padded noseband and rubber reins included.
Middle of the road
If you aren’t looking for the cheapest option available, but you are also looking to avoid emptying your bank account during the purchasing process, then perhaps the Amigo Bridle is the one for you. This bridle is traditionally styled and durable and it comes with rubber reins. It is perfect for everyday riding, or the showring and comes in black or brown.
The top end of the scale
If you are looking to spend that little bit more on your horse’s bridle, then you may want to consider going for the Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle. The entire Micklem range of bridlewear offers you an exceptional selection of leatherwork. These bridles are top quality and offer distinctive detailing and finishing, which means they are the ultimate in quality and style as well as being highly functional and a great choice for all disciplines.

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