5 Alternatives to Dublin River Boots III

Best selling Dublin River Boots III are a favourite across the equine industry, and we can see why. With waterproof material, breathable yet warm lining, a comfortable fit, a supportive footbed and a three year warranty, there’s some good reasons to love these boots. But they’re not the only players in the market around the £130 price mark, so we put some other similar boots to the test that might be a good contender for you if you want something different.


Toggi Columbus Country Boots

These Columbus Country Boots do come in at £18 more expensive than the River Boots, but a good pair of boots for everyday riding, mooching around the yard, muddy dog walks, and just as general slip on & offs are worthy of an investment! With just one colour to choose from, there’s less choice when it comes to the style, but Toggi’s Dark Copper colour is a classic look. And how long do a pair of boots even stay clean enough to see the colour of them anyway.

When it comes to the waterproof-ness of them, they feature a Veridex waterproof membrane system – in real terms that means they’re just as waterproof as River Boots, if not more. And what’s more is that they have a handy adjustable cordua gaiter at the top of the boot – perfect for stopping heavy rain drops trickling down the inside of your boots!

Their chunky rubber sole is grippy and Toggi have designed them specifically to cope on all terrains.

Dublin Pollard Boots

If you don’t want to stray away from Dublin, their Pollard Boots could be the answer. They are slightly more expensive than the River Boots, but for that extra £27 you’re getting some more upmarket styles such as the buckles on the side of the boot and a full grain leather upper as opposed to the standard leather upper on the River Boots. What does this mean? Essentially, your Pollard Boots are going to look nicer and remain more water resistant than your River Boots after some wear. Well worth an extra £27 if you ask us.

You still get all the benefits of Dublin’s “Rider Comfort System” with the all-singing, all-dancing heel and arch support, so your feet won’t get as tired and uncomfortable as some other shoes after wearing them for hours.

Dublin Eskimo Boots II

On the note of Dublin (don’t worry, not all of our alternatives to Dublin River Boots are other Dublin boots!), the Eskimo Boots II are a good alternative if you struggle with the cold more. Coming in at £120, they’re actually £10 cheaper and you gain some fleece lining. That’s really the only big difference to the River Boots. So if you’ve had a pair of River Boots in the past and loved them but just wanted some extra warmth, these are the boots for you.

Mark Todd Waterproof Tall Zip Boots

Mark Todd’s Collection have thrown their hat in the ring with their Waterproof Tall Zip Boots. They tick all of the boxes if you’re looking for an all-rounder waterproof boot that you can casually ride in.

They’re not a million miles away in style with similar stripes of leather going across the boot, but the major difference is the feel and look of the leather. It’s tougher than what you’ll find on the River Boots, which does however mean they might take a little longer to wear in, but they do seem to be more of a durable boot.

That said, they don’t offer as much of a range when it comes to calf sizes, so the fit of these boots won’t be for everyone. Reading the size guide and measuring up before you buy these boots is essential. They do offer a very similar Short Boot as well as a Fleece Lined Winter Boot if your heart is set on Mark Todd though.

Gallop Equestrian Gateley Country Boot

If your criteria for a new pair of country boots is coming down to cost, you’ll be wise to take a look at Gallop’s Gateley Country Boots, which come in a regular and a wide calf fitting.

Just because they’re cheaper in price doesn’t mean they’re cheap quality though – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The supple leather that the boots are made from is waterproof and has a high quality feel. The zip up the back of the calf and the lace detail on the side gives them a really smart finish. Gallop’s slogan of “Making Quality Affordable” really couldn’t apply more with these boots – we love them!

As with any pair of leather boots, they do need treating to keep them waterproof and you will notice that with this grade of leather, but if you look after them they won’t let you down!

If you’re shopping for a pair of country boots, there’s lots to consider and the choices can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you ever need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and just ask! We’ve been working with different suppliers and manufacturers in the equine industry for over 15 years, so we know a thing or two about a good pair of boots. Shop our full collection of country boots for even more alternatives to Dublin River Boots III or if you’ve read this far and your heart is still set on a pair of the best-selling boots, we’ve got your back… Well, feet. Grab yourself a pair here.

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