Home Remedies That Will Keep Your Horse Healthy This Winter!

Keep calm, embrace winter and carry on riding!

Although at this time of the year it gets darker earlier it’s colder and wetter, you shouldn’t feel as if looking after your horse is a chore!

Keep them and yourself active-

If you haven’t got the proper time at the moment to school your horse, it’s important to give them a 20-minute lungeing session to warm them up and keep them stretched. 

Having a good variety is also vital to keep your horse entertained, imagine doing the same things every day, wouldn’t you want a change? Well, that’s exactly what your horse wants!

It’s important to try and exercise your horse daily if for any reason you’re not able to one day, it’s important to change the feed rations accordingly.

Keeping your horse healthy in winter-

When winter approaches its important to pay a lot more attention to detail especially with mud and ice, and feed requirements.Its  a fact that a horse needs to consume at least 2% of his body weight per day to maintain a healthy body condition. The bulk of the horse’s diet should consist mainly of hay/ pasture. It’s also majorly important to keep your horse hydrated! The average horse needs 6 gallons of water per day some horses even need double that amount. Not only is it important for a horse’s hydration but also helps with their digestion too. You should be checking the water supply a few times a day and if the water keeps freezing due to cold temperatures you could add some warm water your horse may prefer that as well!


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Keeping your horse warm-

When it’s cold in the winter months all we want to do is snuggle up in our blankets and you may think your horse needs the same treatment when actually their thick coat by itself keeps them sufficiently warm, their coat also produces natural oils which makes them waterproof. Not wearing a rug can also benefit cerstin hoses specifically if they are overweight as it will help them lose weight in the cold months.

There are exceptions to them needing a rug like horses that may have a much 

thinner coat or maybe old or ill. 

Last but not least, home remedies for a healthy horse!

Honey – Can be good for fussy eaters or sick/tired horses as honey is natural sugar so it’ll give them a natural energy booster. It can also be used as an antibacterial and can also help with burns.

Garlic – is known for being a good antiseptic, it’s a respiratory herb and fights against infections! 

Bananas – same as for humans bananas are known as an energy source, 85% of a dried banana is sugar.

Cider Vinegar – If you have an arthritic horse, but also for the shine of the horses coat and it repels flies too!

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