Get the best from your horse grooming kit

Horse grooming plays an important part in keeping your equine happy and healthy! It keeps them clean and tidy while giving you an opportunity to check them over for any injuries. A grooming session improves your horse’s health by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface, massaging muscles and keeping hooves clean will help to prevent disease. Alongside all of this, it is a great time to improve your bond with your four legged companion. It is a relaxed break from other times you may spend together riding or competing and allows the horse to engage with you without having to perform or work.

There are endless amounts of horse grooming supplies so it can be confusing deciding what you actually need. How can you get the best from your horse grooming kit to get great results? We have some top tips which will show you how to groom a horse like a pro!

Nutrition is key!

To get the happiest, healthiest horse, it all comes down to their diet. A glistening coat is only possible with quality feed. Feed your horse well and you will see results! For even further improvements, you can introduce supplements. These will offer your horse more vitamins for an even more glistening coat!

Vinegar and Water

An equal combination of vinegar and water will work together to break down the dirt on your horse before you bathe them, making it a lot easier for you! Fill a spray bottle with 1 part water to one part vinegar and spray away.

Curry Comb

The first tool used in daily grooming is the curry comb. This is used to rub down the horse and loosen dirt and hair. This is especially good for the horse as it stimulates the skin to produce natural oils which will add shine and nutrients to the coat. Try this Roma Bright curry comb or the Roma Miracle Brush

Dandy Brush

A dandy brush is a key component in caring for your horse. It is a stiff bristled brush that is used to remove dirt, hair and other unwanted items from your horse’s coat. Roma’s soft touch dandy brush is a tactile brush designed for comfort and control, perfect for effective cleaning that will have your horse shining in no time!

Vitamin E Oil

If your horse has bald patches, rubbed areas or scratches, apply some Vitamin E Oil which will not only soothe them but also help hair to grow back quickly and in the right colour. Perfect for if you have a show fast approaching.

Body Brush

The body brush is a softer alternative to the dandy brush, this will be used after to remove finer particles and dust that the dandy may not have reached. This is soothing for your horse and adds a shine to their coat. Give this Equi Leather Soft Touch body brush a go, it is perfect for everyday grooming.

Oven gloves

Oven gloves are perfect to use when grooming, they are ideal for lifting coats out and for a final wipe over, leaving the coat looking neat. They are so soft that the horse will enjoy the feeling so hopefully won’t fuss. You could also use a microfibre cloth for those finishing touches, to create an extra sheen.

Mane Comb

A mane comb will allow you to trim and tidy your horse’s mane and tail. This is an unenjoyable and uncomfortable part of grooming for the horse if it is not done carefully. Solocomb have produced a comb that allows you to work on the mane and tail without the need for painful pulling. It uses a small blade to clip the hair, without having to pull at all. This will make grooming a much easier and enjoyable process.

Hoof Pick

Hoof picks are a necessity in your grooming kit. It is used to clear stones, mud and other dirt out from your horse’s hooves. This will mean they won’t hurt your horse while you are riding and will also lessen the risk of issues such as thrush. The Roma Brights hoof pick is practical and affordable.

Baby Wipes

Use baby wipes for the finer details such as bits, bridles and faces. These will gently remove grime and leave everything shining.

Good old fashioned hard work

Most importantly of all is elbow grease! Grooming is a great workout, all that brushing will grow your muscles! You really get out the effort you put in and if you work hard, your horse will look top of its class!


A full grooming kit is available to buy created by Roma, giving you all of the tools for a healthy, happy and very tidy horse!

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