D3O® Impact Protection

A Lot of products these days have a technical aspect to them. We are here to help you understand what they are and if it’s right for you or your horse!  So let’s talk about D3O®. You may have seen this in the Woof Wear Smart event boots but what is it and how does it work?

D3O® offers protection on demand. It is soft, flexible material with high shock-absorbing properties, a bit like putty until you give it a good whack and it instantly becomes hard as a rock.

“D3O®  impact protection is a patented technology used to create a soft and flexible shock absorbing barrier featuring unique molecular properties. At rest its molecules flow freely, but on impact, they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. This reaction is counter intuitive. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.” – Woof Wear

So, the harder the hit the more the molecules lock together resulting in greater protection. After a knock the D3O® returns back to its original state ready to protect your horses legs once again.

Woof Wear Smart Event Boots
Woof Wear Smart Event Boots have been designed to provide 360⁰ protection to your horse’s legs whilst incorporating the D3O® into both cannon bone and tendon strike pads. It works alongside a tough PU shell and vents to allow airflow. This helps to keep you horses legs cool. The breathable neoprene lining to ensure your horses legs have the ultimate protection whilst still being comfortable.  

If you would like to know more or about any other technical products drop us a message.

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