Hydrophane Cribstix

Hydrophane Cribstix


Crib-biting is characterized by a horse grabbing a horizontal object (like wooden railings or fences) with their teeth and pulling. It’s sometimes caused by boredom or stress, but a little bit of Hydrophane Cribstix is a great way to prevent your horse from cribbing.

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The Hydrophane Cribstix is a crib-biting preventative in a screw-up applicator. Prevent your horse from cribbing with this clean and convenient stick that results in less waste and mess. Simply apply to whatever surface your horse seems to be biting (including clothing, rugs and bandages) and they should be deterred from doing it again. You might have to repeat the process a few times for determined cribbers, but soon they’ll form a habit and (fingers crossed) the crib-biting phase will be over!

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Equine Superstore Says...

We really like this applicator because it’s great to take with you on the go. If you’re working around the yard and notice your horse is crib-biting again, just take out the stick and cover the surface in it! Couldn’t be easier.
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