Reflective Clothing

When you go out hacking it’s important to be as safe as possible, especially if you hack alone. You and your horse or pony should wear high visibility reflective pieces to warn motorists of your presence on the road. At Equine Superstore we take road safety seriously and sell a wide range of Hi-Vis tabarts, reflective safety vests for adults and children, as well as reflective items for your horse from leading brands such as Equisafety. If you like this, why not check out our riding hats?

  1. Equisafety Blaithwaite Waist Jacket

    RRP: £69.99
    Saving: £22.00
  2. Equisafety Air Waistcoat

  3. Equisafety Wraparound Rug

    RRP: £42.99
    Saving: £3.00


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  1. Equisafety Nose Band

    Equisafety Nose Band

    The band is designed for reins, cheek pieces, nose and head band and carriage equipment. It can even be fitted onto a flash. This band is great for head-on traffic and is attached by velcro. This only comes in one size.
    RRP: £4.49
    Saving: £0.50

  2. reflective-hat-band

    Roma Reflective Hat Band

    The roma reflective hat band fits over your riding hat to give better visibility when hacking out.

  3. Reflective Breastplate

    Roma Reflective Breastplate

    The Roma Reflective Breastplate is worn on the horse like a breastplate and gives extra visability. Excellent for use when hacking out to make you more easily seen by traffic.

  4. Reflective Tail Band

    Roma Reflective Tail Band

    The Roma Reflective Tail Band attaches around your horses tail, for added visibility while riding in the dark.

  5. Equisafety Flashing Attachment

    Equisafety Flashing Attachment

    This Equisafety Flashing Attachment Accessory is comfortable and slightly adjustable that will fit up to 2” wide straps. It has an on and off switch and the batteries are replaceable. This flashing attachment can be fitted to almost anything, neck bands, head collars, bridles, saddles, belts, dog collars, kids school bags, bikes etc the list is endless
    RRP: £5.69
    Saving: £0.40

  6. Helmet Torch

    Roma Helmet Torch

    The Roma helmet torch is a horse owners best friend in the dark evenings! The Roma head torch will leave your hands free to do your stable chores whilst safely lighting the area you are looking at. Also ideal for dog walkers!

  7. Reflective Bands Pack of 2

    Roma Reflective Bands Pack of 2

    The Roma Reflective Bands are a 2-pack of Velcro bands that can be attached anywhere to you or your horse to help both of you stay safe on foggy mornings or while riding in the dark.

  8. Equisafety LED Arm/Leg Band

    Equisafety LED Arm/Leg Band

    The LED arm/leg band is designed for comfort in mind with elastic and adjustable Velcro to give a better fit; it can be used in many different ways designed for either the outside arm or leg. The extra visibility of 4 large LED flashing lights makes it easier for the person in the vehicles to see you with the 100% Hi-Vis and reflective.

  9. Leg Boots

    Equisafety Leg Boots

    The Eqisafety leg boots are made from a durable yet soft black waterproof fabric with two inch fluorescent reflective bands at the top of each boot, for extreme visibility. These boots can conveniently be fitted over brushing boots if necessary.
    RRP: £12.64
    Saving: £1.65

  10. Equisafety Hat Band

    Equisafety Hat Band

    This really is a good idea to wear all year round. It has elastic in two parts which means it fits most hat sizes.

  11. Equisafety Polite Hatband

    Equisafety Polite Hatband

    Stay safe with the Equisafety hat band. One Size fits most sizes and styles of riding and cycling helmets. Complete with sticky rubber in the lining so that the hat band does not come off. Reflective and Fluorescent.

  12. Equisafey Polite Leg Boots

    Equisafey Polite Leg Boots

    These Equisaftey Polite leg boots are very strong and durable and is high visibility with waterproof fabric. The leg boots have a 2” reflective chequered band stitched on top of each boot.

  13.  Equisafety Flashing Hat Band

    Equisafety Flashing Hat Band

    The Equisafety Riders Flashing Hat band is the same as the Reflective Hatband but it has the added advantage of having large LED flashing lights, It is a highly effective safety device that allows person in the vehicle to see you straight away. This Equisafety Flashing hat Band can be seen up to a mile away.

  14. Reflective Overreach Boots  (Reflective Overreach Boots )

    Dublin Reflective Overreach Boots (Reflective Overreach Boots )

    Ultra reflective wipe clean double touch closure, with reflective panel at rear of boot. Flexible built in strike pad with anti spin nodule. Size: Pony Colour: Yellow

  15. Lightweight Body Harness

    Equisafety Lightweight Body Harness

    The Lightweight Body Harness is designed to be extremely light weight and comfortable for the user whilst giving you high viz safety. This harness is approved to EN1150 standard. It has a large front zip for a mobile phone etc. Fastened at the sides by velcro, giving the user a more comfortable fit.

  16. Equisafety Neck Band

    Equisafety Neck Band

    The Equisafety Neck Band is a great original design that is excellent for front and side visibility on your horse. It does come in one size but is fully adjustable by Velcro underneath the chest and in between the legs.

  17. Equisafety LED Tail Guard

    Equisafety LED Tail Guard

    The Equisafety LED Tail Guard is a brilliant design that is fitted to the horses and is made from 100% quality neoprene. It does not slip off and is adjustable by Velcro. This great tail guard can be used in both summer and winter and does not irritate the horse and is a comfortable fit; 4 LED flashing lights that really catch walkers and person in the vehicles attention.

  18. Equisafety Polite Neck Band

    Equisafety Polite Neck Band

    The Equisafety Polite Neck Band is a great original design that is excellent for front and side visibility on your horse. It does come in one size but is fully adjustable by Velcro underneath the chest and in between the legs and fits horeses between 11hns up to a 18hns

  19. Reflective Brushing Boots

    Roma Reflective Brushing Boots

    Roma Reflective Brushing Boot have white velcro fastenings with the reflective strip going around the fastenings.
    RRP: £23.99
    Saving: £4.00

  20. Air Waist Coat Passing Message

    Equisafety Air Waist Coat Passing Message

    This stylish and comfortable waistcoat features a front zip; making it stands out from your usual tabard. It is fully adjustable at the rear, giving you more freedom in what you wear underneath; layer up in winter, wear it over a body protector or make it more fitted. Features include two large zipped and hidden pockets at the front.


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