Supreme Products Soft Leather Soap

Supreme Products Soft Leather Soap


You’ve invested in a great pair of riding boots, the saddle of your dreams and matching tack… but what’s the point if you don’t take care of them? Your leather goods can last a whole lot longer if you treat them with the right products, and Supreme’s Soft Leather Soap is an excellent place to start.

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As a natural material, leather must be cleaned, moisturised and protected in the right way to keep it looking (and performing) as you need it to. Supreme are renowned for their high-quality leather care, which is why we recommend their Soft Leather Soap on all leather items. This product cleans, softens and refreshes your leather while adding a beautiful shine. Whether you’re cleaning a pair of riding boots or freshening up your saddlery, this is the one-stop product you shouldn’t be without.

Apply sparingly with a clean, soft cloth and allow to sink into the leather for a moment before buffing off to reveal soft, clean leather with an excellent shine.

It’s so important to keep your leather well maintained. Take a look at our full selection of leather care products, from Dry Proof Spray to Leather Conditioner and everything in-between.

Equine Superstore Says...

We like to think of leather care as we do skincare… if you wouldn’t skip cleaning and moisturising on your face, you shouldn’t skip cleaning and sprucing up your leather goods. A little goes a long way here so it’s great value for money!
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