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  • Just Arrived: Toggi

    As winter starts coming around the corner, Toggi have released their Autumn/Winter range. We take a look at our top picks! The Toggi Arnaby Ladies Dog Walker Coat is perfect for every occasion. Though made with dog walking in mind, this coat would style just as nicely on the high street. It’s nipped in waistline gives it a very feminine shape while its detachable hood offers practicality. There are a number of pockets as well as a detachable treat pocket, which your dog is sure to love!

  • Dublin Eden Boots - Autumn/Winter 2017

    Dublin have been crafting equestrian wear for 35 years. Since 1980, when they developed a small range of jodhpurs in Australia, they have been providing great quality products for riders across the globe. Their ranges are popular and comfortable, a common favourite of many. The brand is so loved as offers authenticity, created by riders for riders. They know what we want and need from our riding equipment.

  • Sweet Itch In Horses

    Sweet Itch or IBH (insect bite hypersensitivity) is a skin condition affecting horses and other equine, including asses and zebras. The condition is caused by an allergic reaction to a bite from biting flies, most commonly Culicoides midges. Specifically, when a horse is exposed to the saliva from biting insects, it can trigger an strong immune response. An increase in histamine travels to the affected areas and can cause the skin to become itchy and inflamed. The actual inflammation from the bite itself does not cause the severe skin condition, but the discomfort caused by the bite can cause the horse to rub or bite the area which can lead to an infection and a spread of the condition.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Horse Rugs

    Every new horse owner will need to buy rugs, but there’s so many different types and sizes! With such a huge variety on offer, it’s easy to wonder: what horse rugs do we really need? We’ve collated a guide to help you out when ordering a new rug, so you can find the perfect fit for your horse.

  • Get the best from your horse grooming kit

    Grooming plays an important part in keeping your horse happy and healthy! It keeps them clean and tidy while giving you an opportunity to check them over for any injuries. A grooming session improves your horse health by increasing blood flow to the skin's surface, massaging muscles and keeping hooves clean will help to prevent disease. Alongside all of this, it is a great time to improve your bond with your four legged companion. It is a relaxed break from other times you may spend together riding or competing and allows the horse to engage with you without having to perform or work.

  • Ingredients guide: the best horse joint supplements

    Be warned: you shouldn’t wait until your horse is lame to start using a joint supplement. As they get older or injuries worsen, changes can become irreversible. Supplements can be beneficial throughout their lifetime for both younger horses to prevent joint damage and older horses to aid osteoarthritis.

  • Treating a horse fly bite: Treatment and prevention

    Horse flies are a problem for every horse owner, especially throughout the summer months. As if the regular house fly was not irritating enough, the horse fly is just as annoying and much more painful. So who are these angry creatures and how can we stop them from hurting our horses?

  • The Charlotte Dujardin Mercury Jacket

    Equisafety confidently describe themselves as "The most prominent reflective sportswear company in the world" and have proven their international pedigree with the latest range of luxury, high-end reflective clothing; teaming up with three-time olympic equestrian champion Charlotte Dujardin to reinforce the ‘Gold Medal’ status they have earnt. The Charlotte Dujardin range of jackets and waistcoats aim to get you noticed, not just by the cutting edge, easy to spot reflective technology imbedded within each design, but also by the attractive and stylish designs that make the range a high demand feature for any rider, competitive or casual. Here at Equine Superstore we are proud to stock the top of the range ‘Charlotte Dujardin Mercury Jacket’ at a great price.

  • Masta's Protechmasta Infrared Technology

    Protechmasta is an award winning therapy system, developed by Masta to help improve the wellbeing of your horse using cutting edge infrared technology. The range consists of a rug and leg wraps, both designed to aid preparation and repair, before and after exercise.

  • Weatherbeeta's ComFiTec Range

    This year Weatherbeeta launched their whole new range of turnout rugs - ComFiTec. The range includes 4 key turnout collections, ComFiTec Ultra, ComFiTec Premier, ComFiTec Plus and ComFiTec, to offer you the right mix of comfort, fit and durability for your horse, lifestyle and budget. But what are the differences between the collections? Well that's what we're going to discuss in this guide, so let's break it down!

  • Your Extensive Guide To Dublin's New Country Boots

    The Autumn season is fast approaching, and that means rain. Rain means mud, and mud means country boots! That’s why we’ve stocked up on three of Dublin’s finest country boots for the weather ahead; here’s exactly why you should buy them, and what to do once you’ve bought yourself a pair.

  • Dublin Performance Tyt-ACTIVE Riding Tights

    When Dublin first established themselves way back in 1980, they released a pair of riding jodhpurs that they hoped would change the way people ride. It appears they still have the same aspirations today. The brand new Performance Tyt-ACTIVE range from Dublin is a contemporary, innovative collection of riding tights, developed with the freedom and comfort of every rider in mind. The three and a half decades of Dublin heritage and expertise are showcased in their most recent design and we are delighted to be stockists of this impressive new range.


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