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  • The Charlotte Dujardin Mercury Jacket

    Equisafety confidently describe themselves as "The most prominent reflective sportswear company in the world" and have proven their international pedigree with the latest range of luxury, high-end reflective clothing; teaming up with three-time olympic equestrian champion Charlotte Dujardin to reinforce the ‘Gold Medal’ status they have earnt. The Charlotte Dujardin range of jackets and waistcoats aim to get you noticed, not just by the cutting edge, easy to spot reflective technology imbedded within each design, but also by the attractive and stylish designs that make the range a high demand feature for any rider, competitive or casual. Here at Equine Superstore we are proud to stock the top of the range ‘Charlotte Dujardin Mercury Jacket’ at a great price.

  • Masta's Protechmasta Infrared Technology

    Protechmasta is an award winning therapy system, developed by Masta to help improve the wellbeing of your horse using cutting edge infrared technology. The range consists of a rug and leg wraps, both designed to aid preparation and repair, before and after exercise.

  • Weatherbeeta's ComFiTec Range

    This year Weatherbeeta launched their whole new range of turnout rugs - ComFiTec. The range includes 4 key turnout collections, ComFiTec Ultra, ComFiTec Premier, ComFiTec Plus and ComFiTec, to offer you the right mix of comfort, fit and durability for your horse, lifestyle and budget. But what are the differences between the collections? Well that's what we're going to discuss in this guide, so let's break it down!

  • Your Extensive Guide To Dublin's New Country Boots

    The Autumn season is fast approaching, and that means rain. Rain means mud, and mud means country boots! That’s why we’ve stocked up on three of Dublin’s finest country boots for the weather ahead; here’s exactly why you should buy them, and what to do once you’ve bought yourself a pair.

  • Dublin Performance Tyt-ACTIVE Riding Tights

    When Dublin first established themselves way back in 1980, they released a pair of riding jodhpurs that they hoped would change the way people ride. It appears they still have the same aspirations today. The brand new Performance Tyt-ACTIVE range from Dublin is a contemporary, innovative collection of riding tights, developed with the freedom and comfort of every rider in mind. The three and a half decades of Dublin heritage and expertise are showcased in their most recent design and we are delighted to be stockists of this impressive new range.

  • Horseware's Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy

    The Sportz-Vibe massage therapy range from Horseware was developed for both horses and dogs to aid warm up before exercise, and recovery/treatment after. The Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Horse Rug is comfortable, portable and lightweight. It helps to warm up the horse's muscles before exercise and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards, and is ideal for maintaining muscular well-being throughout the year.

  • Choosing The Right Fly Rug For Your Horse

    Protecting your horse throughout the summer is essential, but with so many options out there, how do you know what's the right choice for you and your horse? We've rounded up our top 5 fly rugs to bring you their best features and benefits, so as to enable you to make a more informed decision!

  • Horseware's Ice-Vibe Range

    Horseware's Ice-Vibe Boots use massage effect to stimulate the lymph system in order to reduce soreness and swelling, as well as improving circulation. This boot can also be used on a daily basis in order to manage the wear and tear on joints. The daily use of these boots will effectively enhance rehabilitation.

  • Horseware's Rambo Micklem

    The Micklem Multibridle was designed from the inside out by international coach, speaker, and best selling author William Micklem, to fit the shape of the horse's skull itself, avoiding any discomfort or pressure on the facial nerves, protruding cheekbones and molar teeth. It reduces pain and numbness, giving all riders a kinder option.

  • Equine Superstore's Mother’s Day Rescue Guide

    It seems to happen every year;  we all have good intentions but for some reason Mother’s Day creeps up on us from nowhere and before we know it we are frantically searching the internet for a Mother’s Day gift and paying way over the odds for a piece of non-descriptive tat. Well, luckily for...

  • Horse Winter Care

    Now that we are well and truly in the middle of winter and have been experiencing some cold snaps recently, it can be more than a little tempting to cover your beloved horse in the toastiest horse rugs that you can find. You may even feel so sorry for him or her that you actually want to bring them into your own home.

  • Keep your Horse Protected Against Shoulder Rub this Winter

    As you will be aware, it is essential to ensure that your horse is as well protected as possible during these cold months against the biting cold wind and rain. We all know how much our horses love their horse rugs during winter that is apart from the irritation caused by blanket rub.


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