'My Little Pony' Cafe Opens In Japan



Only in Japan would they open up a cafe which is solely dedicated to ‘My Little Pony’. The cafe offers customers the ultimate unique experience by being dined amongst ‘my little pony’ themed surroundings. Located in the harajuku neighbourhood in Tokyo the cafe has given fans of the popular 80’s show the chance to share their equestrian obsession over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.




The cafe sells dishes which are inspired by the show including images of the characters printed onto the food along with astonishing quantities of rainbows and glitter. The cafe features an extremely colourful menu including: pink parfaits, fluffy banana pancakes topped with ‘rainbow’ ice cream and toasted sandwiches engraved with ‘I want a pony’. It goes without saying that they have certainly paid attention to detail with lattes that feature a pony design dusted with chocolate on top.




This wonderfully nostalgic cafe also consists of many stuffed animals placed in various booths, cut outs which customers can pose with as well as plenty of merchandise for sale. This is definitely pony paradise for any fans out there however sadly the cafe is only a temporary thing, and is only present until November 29th.