A two-year-old Exmoor that was rescued from a quagmire in woodland in Sutton Park, has had to be put to sleep


On 14th January around 15 firefighters were called out at 18:41 to attend to the distressed pony. Speaking after the incident, a spokesman for West Midland Fire Service Technical Rescue Unit claimed that the pony was highly distressed and suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion.


It was reported in the local press that the pony may have fallen into a hole and started to sink due in land which had been softened by melting snow and heavy rain. The beautiful pony was heavily sedated by a vet and heavy blocks placed around it to prevent any danger of the pony sinking even more.

The whole rescue operation lasted a grueling two hours, but sadly the pony was deemed to be too injured and was put to sleep. The tragic incident has sparked an investigation to find out how this happened and ways in which it could be prevented in the future.

In 1999 Exmoor ponies were introduced to Sutton Park as part of conservation grazing project. There are currently 32 grazing ponies on 400 acres in the Sutton Park, which since 1997 has been a designated National Nature Reserve by English Nature. It is also a Site of Scientific Interest.

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Image Source: http://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=3816&page=18