Be Safe. Be Seen

Now the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, riding in the dark is becoming more frequent and so, another safety aspect has to be taken into account… reflective clothing for both horse and rider!

We all know that we should wear ‘high-vis’ clothing when hacking out, especially on the roads, however, it is even more important in the autumn/winter weather so we are easier to see for oncoming traffic.

There are two types of reflective clothing – fluorescent and reflective. Fluorescent is the bright, glowing colour which can come in green, orange, pink etc. They are the best colours to wear in the day time as the sun’s ultra-violet light reacts with them so they appear to glow where as reflective clothing is best at night as the lights from the cars and street lamps bounce off the reflective parts back towards drivers, making them aware of you and your horse.

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The main reason why high-vis items of clothing are bright colours is also so that riders do not blend in with the surroundings. Reflective clothing is essential so both horse and rider stick out and are more obvious to other road users.