This amazing rug will dry your horse in record time! An essential for the winter months! Buy yours today on Equine Superstore.


“ I only used hosed him with water - no shampoo and no aftercare glossy products, I wanted a true test. I left this rug for 15 minutes and when I removed it, I would say he was only 2 minutes away from being bone dry!!


Not only that, but his coat felt like I’d hosed him in coat shine!! Amazing product! Highly recommend!!”


Introducing Rambo’s Dry Rug, this wonderfully practical rug is a lifesaving product for any horse keeper. The rug acts as a towel and dries your horse in record time making it perfect for any  busy riders and an essential item throughout the winter months.


The rug contains  a smart roll away hood to dry the neck effectively and also this cooler will leave a high gloss and smooth finish to your horse’s coat. It has an adjustable multi fit front and elasticated surcingles for secure fit.




  • Quick Dry rug which dries your horse in record time.

  • A smart hide-away hood; Roll up the hood to dry the mane and neck, and roll back into a hide-away pocket.

  • Elasticated cross surcingles.

  • An adjustable multi-fit front that ensures a close contact fit.

  • 300g Microfibre towelling cloth.