Left for Dead


Barbaric thugs have left a woman paralysed after she fell from her horse after they launching a sickening attack on the Gypsy Cob, Murphy. Murphy was pelted with stones and reared up when the attack commenced leading to mum-of-two, Lindsey Broomhead, 29, falling off the horse.




Ms Broomhead has since been confined to hospital, unable to walk, speak, eat or even drink for eight months after suffering severe brain damage and a stroke.


She was out riding Murphy along a track in Wickersley, Rotherham when the poor horse was pelted with stones, obviously causing a huge amount of distress and suffering. Sadly, the sick thugs involved in the attack have never been caught.


As she suffered extremely severe head injuries, surgeons had to remove part of the cerebellum, the region of the brain which controls motor skills. This means that Ms Broomhead is unable to walk, and due to a stroke she suffered three days after the fall, means that she is no longer able to swallow.


Luckily, despite her injuries, Lindsey is still able to hug her beautiful children, Kayden, 9, and Corey, 5.


Lindsey’s mother, Val commented that “The only way she can communicate with us is through typing on an iPad or alphabet board. We’re all adjusting to it but it is so sad to see her like this.”


We can only hope that these sick yobs are not free roam around for much longer and will soon be caught. Firstly, how could anyone attack an animal in this cowardly way? Secondly, how can these people walk around a feel no remorse for what they have done? Let’s hope that they can their comeuppance as soon as possible.

Image Source- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-paralysed-left-speaking-through-5038816