Safety advice for horse riders


Throughout your riding life it is very likely that at some point you will need to ride on the road to get to where you want to go and it is important you understand the safety precautions that need to be taken as the rider. Firstly just the same as any other road users it is your responsibility to follow the rules of the road and how to ride safely. It goes without saying that consideration of whether to ride on the road in the first place should be undertaken. The rider should be fairly competent with a road safe mount. Also each horse takes to traffic differently especially with fast moving vehicles and bright lights involved, some horses can easily freak out so it’s important you know your own horse well. Also a rider should really only ride alone if they are confident within their own ability and only if they’re sure that they can control their horse adequately.


Being prepared for riding on the road


The importance of preparing yourself as well as your horse must be emphazised. As a rider you should always wear a certified riding helmet and ensure its fastened correctly. Visibilty is fundamental especially throughout the winter months when it’s dark a lot. Wearing hi-vis clothing as well as using lights on your horse is strongly adviced to ensure optimum safety. Below are a few simple rules riders should follow:


- Riders must follow the Highway Code whilst riding on the road this includes obeying road signs and other official directions.


- Riders should ride on the left hand side near to the curb.


- Riders must not ride on the pavement.


- Looking behind you regularly to check for hazards is essential.


- Indicating and signalling to drivers is also obligatory.


 Of course we all know the importanace of road safety and the need to wear hi-vis clothing both on yourself and your horse but there are still frequent road accidents between horses and cars. There have been loads of great campaigns about safety on the road whilst riding like the 'Slow down for my horse' campaign where riders posed in their underwear on their horses to raise awareness. We thought it was important to also raise awareness to a younger audience so we've teamed up with Horsemart to bring you this great competition!


So, why not enter the ‘Shine Bright At Night’ competition?



The season's changing and the sun is setting sooner, so we're looking for the rider whose horse shines the brightest! Win a hamper of amazing equine goodies by taking a photo of you and your horse dressed up in all the reflective gear you can find! Then simply click on the 'Enter' button below and upload your photo! Here's some tips for the perfect shiny shot!


1) Find all the reflective and shiny gear you can, the brighter the better!


2) You can take the photo at anytime, day or night, just be sure you take a few shots with flash on and off to test the brightness!


3) Make sure you've got someone to take the shot, a selfie might not show the full shine of you and your horse!


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