Once again we are back at this time of year again, the smell of spring is in the air and we are actually having a few days of sunshine without having to keep one hand on the umbrella. While the majority seem to have their minds focused on sourcing a jug of Pimms, we all know that for us this can only mean one thing, the Eventing season is here!



There is always so much to remember and so it can be so easy for something to slip your mind. That’s why we have decided to put together this list of products which are essential for Eventing.




Practice Makes Perfect



Optimum Time Jumbo Event Watch


The Optimum Time Jumbo Event Watch features a 1 row display and elastic strap. The watch is perfect for keeping time during practice and keeping yourself organised on the big day. The watch has adjustable viewing angles and has a shck resistant construction.




Roma Learn a Test Dressage Board


Make sure that you learn your test to perfection with this Roma Learn a Test Dressage Board. A fun and easy way to learn your dressage tests.



Roma Dressage Cones

These dressage cones are suitable for dressage practice either in school or in field. These Roma Dressage Cones are perfect for marking out a dressage arena and have the letter AKEHCMBF.




Riding Gloves for all Disciplines


Dublin Cross Country Gloves

These Dublin Cross Country Gloves feature an amara palm which provides extra grip in all cross country conditions. These cross country gloves are also quick drying. There is also mesh on te outer hand to provide comfort, breathability and airflow.




 Dublin Dressage Gloves

Made from the finest leathers, these Dublin Dressage Gloves also features grip palms for non-slip grip for both single and double rein use. There is also adjustable touch tape closure and stretch fabric over the knuckles for flexibility. 



Dublin Show Jumping Gloves

The Dublin Show Jumping Gloves are a fantastic, leather combination gloves with mesh panels providing full breathability and airflow. As you would expect, these Dublin Show Jumping Gloves feature enhanced sensitivity, control, grip and durability. 




Keep your Horse in Shape




Horseware Ice Vibe Vibrating Therapy Boot


If you want to ensure that your horse is kept in the very best shape possible, then the Horseware Ice Vibe Boots are ideal. These boots from Horseware are portable massage boots which hot/cold inserts to create and promote warm or cold ciculation. They are suitable to use either before or after exercise and during rehabilitation. 


If you would like to find out a little bit more about the Horseware Ice Vibe Vibrating Therapy Boot then please see the video below:








Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel

The Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel is fast-acting and provides instant soothig for your horse from swelling and bruises. The cooling gel contains arnica and witch hazel to disperse heat and bruising. It is possible to dilute the gel and use it as a refreshing body wash.





NAF Respirator Boost Breathing Supplement

If you are looking for your horse to perform to his or her potential, then NAF Respirator Boost Breathing Supplement allows you to fully support your horse's respiratory immunity and ensure optimum lung function. Respirator Boost contains a high concentration of procyanadins and flavonoids with ortho phenolic groups which are highly potent antioxidants.