It has emerged that a highly controversial new law regarding horse ownership is to be unveiled in the coming weeks. In a bid to raise extra revenue, it is believed that both main political parties are looking to introduce new measures which will hit horse owners and those who live in the countryside the hardest.


New laws, which we have been led to believe are days away from being approved, include the outlawing of pheasant hunting and the closure of bridleways and footpaths. However, the law which is currently considered to be the most controversial, is the introduction of a new tax on horse owners who wish to ride their horses on the road and fines for those who fail to pick up horse mess.


 When pushed for more information, Olaf Prilo, who has succeeded in pushing these new laws through commented: “It is about time that these selfish and careless horse owners paid their fair share for using the road. Just this morning I had to take a diversion and nearly crashed my car after I skidded on horse manure. It just isn't good enough, why should us city folk have to have our lives blighted by the actions of a majority of a minority?"


It is believed that these new laws will encounter fierce opposition when they are passed through parliament later on this week and talks regarding protests outside parliament are currently gathering momentum on various social media channels.