Left to Die: Beautiful Young Horse Survives Brutal Starvation




hope the horseA determined young horse was discovered starved with gaping wounds all over her body by rescue workers in December. The two year old horse from North Carolina had been left for dead by her owners and her hair was also covered with dirt and feces.


Luckily, after two long weeks of rehabilitation, Hope has bounced back and is now trotting round on four hooves again and is even slowly gaining weight.


The team at Sandhills Horse Rescue wrote that “against staggering odds, she is still alive and continues to improve daily”. It was later added that “she has the heart of a warrior”. Hope was rescued from a farm along with another filly named Arya, who fortunately, wasn’t in such a bad way.


In an attempt to help her cuts heel, Hope started sleeping in a sling, allowing her to rest standing rather than lying in the hay, aggravating her ghastly injuries.


In order to build up her strength, a blend of fat and calcium have been added to her diet. Recent videos have also been posted online that show that Hope is slowly beginning to get back on track. A fan of hers has even sent her a zebra-print jacket, we are sure that she looks incredibly fashionable!


A member of the team at Sandhills Horse Rescue said that: “When visitors come to see Hope, they also get to meet Arya and see that no matter what life throws you, you can overcome it. Hope does take the majority of the spotlight (which she definitely deserves) due to her dramatic situation, but there is still a lot of healing going on here in more ways than way!”

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