New In: Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet



ionic stable sheet


Here at Equine Superstore we are delighted to announce that we now stock the Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet! Offering a highly innovative inner lining which is coated with Tourmaline, the powdered form of the naturally occurring crystal, which releases an electric charge to release Negative Ions.


Wait…what was that? Negative Ions?


If you are one of many people who has never heard of Negative Ions, then don’t worry! It’s not the name of your teenage son or daughter’s latest favourite band, they are actually invisible particles. Basically, these are either molecules or atoms, which possess an electric charge and are naturally generated by evaporating water, ocean surf, waterfalls and ionic materials.


Anyway, enough of the Science lesson! These Negative Ions prompt a change in the water in the horse’s body which in turn causes increased blood flow to important areas like, for example, your horse’s muscles, allowing for increased oxygen levels in his or her blood.


What’s more is that Ionic Technology actually encourages increased circulation, metabolism, increased delivery of oxygen to cells and tissues, helps to strengthen the immune system and a whole host of other benefits to your horse. If you want your horse to perform and feel his or her best, then we feel that this really is more than a worthwhile investment! The stable sheet is also perfect for use before exercise to prepare your horse’s muscles, and after, to ensure that any build up of lactic acid that occurs during exercise is reduced.


The Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet is ideal to use as a cooler and a travel rug due to its advanced fabric construction that features ring spun polyester with moisture management technology, ensuring that your beloved horse is kept as comfortable as possible. As well as making sure that your horse is as comfortable as possible, the Rambo Ionic stable sheet also offers complete freedom of movement thanks to a front surgical closure, cross surcingles and leg arches.


The Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet is composed using a high wicking and durable fabric in a stylish black and orange colour. If you want to ensure that your horse is kept as healthy and injury free as possible, then the Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet should be at the top of your shopping list!


Luckily for you we are currently offering a saving of £20 on the Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet, if you want to ensure that your horse is feeling and performing their best, then click here now to treat your horse for only £99.99!