Ten Things you Should Never Say to a Horse Owner




If you are a horse owner then I am sure that you have heard all sorts of strange comments from those non-equine lovers. We have to remember that these people simply do not understand horses and why we love them so much. If you are reading this from the perspective of someone who cannot tell the difference between a bridle and a saddle cloth, then you need to share this with them to make sure that they do not continue to put their foot in it!  










1. Riding isn’t actually a sport because the horse does all the work.


2. Why do you have so many horses?!


3. That’s disgusting! Horse poo?! How can you walk around here?!


4. Haven’t you outgrown the horse obsession yet?!


5. Is that a donkey?


6. It’s ONLY a horse!


7. Is it true that horses actually have a personality?


8. This stable is cleaner than your house!


9. If you spent as much time with your husband/wife as you do with your horse, you’d have a much happier marriage!


10. Can’t you train him or her like a dog?

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