10 Reason Why Horses are Better than Men


horses v men

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you are currently in a slightly bad mood with your husband, boyfriend or just the general male population. If you are one of the lucky people who have a horse in their lives, then you will be more than aware just how much better horses are than men. Or, if you are a man, then take a look at our reasons why horses are so much better than men and get your act together!


1 If they even begin to think about straying away from you all you need to do is put a head collar on them to keep them by your side.

2. Your horse won’t complain when you aren’t in the mood to ride that day.

3. Horses actually listen when you speak to them.

4. They smell better.

5. A horse will never complain when you feel like buying a new hand bag or a pair of shoes. He or she can actually understand your need to buy shoes in sets of four.

6. Any man would have to concede that next to a horse he will always be somewhat ‘inadequate’.

7. Horses prefer to munch their oats rather then sow them.

8. Horses are interested in ‘stable’ relationships.

9.You can actually make sure that they are well-groomed.

10. If it doesn’t work out between the two of you then you can always sell them and upgrade for a better looking breed.  

So, do you agree? Men, what have you got to say for yourselves?! If you can think of any more then post them below, and maybe we will add them to the list!

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 Image Source- http://www.horsemart.co.uk/