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Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle – Tried & Tested

The Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle is made from high quality European leather. The anatomically shaped headpiece distributes pressure evenly across the poll, giving comfort. The shaped padding placed around the horse’s ear and the double padding over poll area minimizes the pressure. What did Robyn think? My horse Bailey is known by most as “The Yellow Peril”… Read More Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle – Tried & Tested


Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec

New to Equine Superstore is the Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec range. This universal technology can be used by horses and dogs. It’s designed to increase muscle function to reduce the risk of injury while warming up by preparing them for exercise. It also assists in recovery after work by reducing lactic acid build up, which can decrease… Read More Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec


Rider Fitness

Riders fitness is becoming ever more popular. Whilst a horses fitness is a major priority for most riders, not all of us take our own fitness into account. More and more people are realising their fitness plays a big role on how their horse performs as a result. An obvious benefit being general fitness helps… Read More Rider Fitness