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Aquatrans Technology From Horseware

Keeping your horse warm and dry this season is one of the upmost important things for every horse owner. Horseware have done just that with their rugs. The Aquatrans Technology is featured in all Rambo, Rhino and Amigo turnout. What does this mean and why should you look out for it in a rug?

Aquatrans TechnologyHow Aquatrans Technology Works

Aquatrans Technology1. The outer Hydrophobic layer repels any water that comes into contact with the outside of the rug.

2. To ensure the rug is breathable the second Hydrophillic layer draws sweat away from the horses body to ensure they are kept warm, dry and comfortable.

Aquatrans TechnologyAquatrans Technology is one of the best waterproof technology on the market to date.  Horses that are turnout out all year round or during the day would benefit the most from this technology.

“All Horseware® turnouts are waterproof to in excess of 3000mm and also breathable to 3000g. This allows 3000g of water vapour to be released in a 24 hour period from underneath your turnout.” – Horseware

All Rambo rugs come with a 3 year warranty

If you have purchased a Rambo rug within the past 90 days you may be eligible for this guarantee.


You must include the unique number of your Rambo onto the form. Inside the front of the rug you can find this number. For more information follow this link.

Aquatrans Technology

Did you know that  Rambo® rugs are made from ballistic nylon, a fabric that was first developed for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. Great for those horses who are prone to ripping their rugs. 

However, just like anything know matter how good the technology is it still needs looking after. The better you look after the rug the longer it will last. This does not mean washing it after every use but general care is essential.

How to Wash Your Rugs

So, what do you do if you wish to wash your rug yourself?

  1. Brush of any excess dirt and mud from the out side.
  2. The turnout should be hosed and washed in a natural or non-biological substance. Strong or biological detergents can cause damage to the waterproof coating.
  3. When washing do not to exceed 30 degrees
  4. Then hang to drip dry then fold into a breathable storage bag.

Top tip: The Horseware Turnout bag they come in are perfect bag to re-use for turnout storage.

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