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HorsePal A New Frontier In Equine Management

What’s Horsepal?

HorsePal is an innovative piece of technology designed to monitor your horses temperature and humidity. Developed by Horseware Ireland, Horsepal is a stable management app that connects to a sensor designed to fit onto your Horseware Rug. The history of your horse’s well-being is then stored onto the app.


How does Horsepal work?

HorsePal is super straightforward to use. Simply attach the sensor to the horses rug ensuring its as close to the horse’s skin as possible.  It then collects the data for the user to download from the app or on their computer.

HorsePal has many key features such as:

Horsepal features

What is the benefit of using Horsepal?

HorsePal With the data HorsePal has collected you can monitor the horse’s comfort levels and rug accordingly. You can also add users so you can send them the data for when you’re away from the yard.

The app takes the weather into account to also help choose the right rug.

HorsePal HorsePal comes with:

  • Horsepal Sensor
  • Battery (CR2477)
  • Keyring
  • Key Ring Bag
  • Horsepal Pin
  • Lanyard
  • Horsepal Card – Instructions 1 Adhesive Pocket
1.Setting up the app & syncing the sensor

This is a super easy and a quick process. Download the app from your chosen App Store. Simply download the app, create an account using your prefer email address and password.  You will now receive an email to verify this allowing you to log in.

Horsepal email

You are now one step closer to the ultimate management for your horse. Now comes the part of adding the details of your stable and your horse/horses. When adding the detail of your horse you can keep it brief or add as much data as you want. For example you can add: their name, age,  breed, passport number, height and don’t forget to add a picture too. The interface on mobile and desktop is so easy to use you can’t go wrong.


Once this is all set up its now time to sync your sensor. Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and sensor is also turned on. You will need to insert the battery into the new sensor to start off with. If it is a brand new sensor it will be named “rfBeacon”. You can rename the sensor by clicking “Change sensor name”, filling in the field and clicking ‘Save’.

The sensor can be linked to a horse that has already been set up to your account by clicking ‘Select A Horse’.


You may find the first reading with a new sensor will be 0o Celsius and 0% Humidity as the device has never been turned on. Once the sensor has been left a few hours you will start to get a reading through.

For technical support contact Horseware HorsePal directly here

2. Attaching the HorsePal sensor

The ideal location to place the sensor is under the rug near the wither in the little groove where the saddle sits. Make sure the sensor is always lying flat with the front of the sensor, the side with the logo, facing outwards.

3.Reading The Data

This is one of the most important things to understand and put it to use. The sensor will hold your data for three days so you don’t have to sync it everyday. The app with show you the reading of the horses temperature and humidity.

Your app will takes into account what the weather each day is and the appropriate rug to rug each horse. The more detail you put into your horses bio the more accurate the result you will get back.


Depending on how you find it easiest to read you can look at the data in  different ways. The first is by number, with a red/green colour system to show if they’re in their comfort zones, or by a graph.

You can use these reading to decide what rug is best for your horse night or day and make a better judgement over the course of the week.

For more information on how to use the app watch the video below.

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