Riding Whips

Riding Whips

Horse riding whips are essential for maintaining complete control of your horse. We boast a variety of whips in all shapes and sizes, from market leading brands including Kincade and Roma. If you are currently training your horse you may be interested in our range of bridles and reins or saddles?


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  1. Illuminous Crop

    Roma Illuminous Crop

    Our Roma Illuminous crop is ideals for horse riding lessons and even everyday use. Crops really help to control your horse or pony while in the school or out on a hack. This Roma crop is 70cm and comes in a great variety of colours. You can trust the quality of a Roma crop.

  2. White Handle Dressage Whip

    Roma White Handle Dressage Whip

    Roma White Handle Dressage Whip. Colour: White/Black. Size: 110cm or 120cm

  3. jump-whip

    Roma Jump Whip

    Roma Jump Whip. Length 65cm

  4. Supaflex Dressage Whip

    Roma Supaflex Dressage Whip

    The Supaflex Dressage Whip is available in a variety of fun colours.

  5. glitter-stick

    Roma Rainbow Glitter Stick

    Roma Rainbow Glitter Stick: Excellent performance, durable glitter riding stick. Length 60cm.

  6. Lunge Whip 160cm

    Kincade Lunge Whip 160cm

    Kincade Lunge Whip 160cm. Available in Black, Blue, Red and Green.

  7. jumping-bat

    Roma Pro Jumping Bat

    Roma Pro Jumping whip with a contoured rubber grip handle. Length 60cm.

  8. Leather Riding Cane

    Leather Riding Cane

    Traditional leather covered show cane with nickel ends. 55cm long. Available in Black or Brown.

  9. Sure Grip Driving Whip

    Sure Grip Driving Whip

    Edward Goddard Sure Grip Driving Whip- 120cm in length. colour black.


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