Stirrup Leathers, Webbers and Girths

Here at Equine Superstore we have exclusive offers on our collection of Stirrup Leathers and Webbers and Girths, including both leather and synthetic leather. We offer high quality products from the likes of Weatherbeeta, Wintec, Bates and others. If you like this, why not check out our stirrup leathers

  1. Wintec Webbers

    RRP: £27.99
    Saving: £18.00
  2. Wintec Chafeless Girth

    RRP: £41.24
    Saving: £11.25
  3. Cottage Craft Standard Airflow Girth

    RRP: £15.74
    Saving: £3.75


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  1. Synthetic Girth Sleeve - White

    Kincade Synthetic Girth Sleeve - White

    Kincade Synthetic Girth Sleeve in White
    RRP: £4.50
    Saving: £0.01

  2. Synthetic Buckle Guards

    Wintec Synthetic Buckle Guards

    These synthetic guards fit on the girth straps to protect the saddle from the girth buckles underneath.

  3. Vinyl Coated Handle Revolving Punch

    Roma Vinyl Coated Handle Revolving Punch

    Robust, revolving hole punch with vinyl coated handle for extra comfort and grip, used for punching different sized holes into leathers.

  4. Wintec Webbers

    Wintec Webbers

    Revolutionary stirrup straps, these Weatherbeeta Wintec Webbers feature a buckle closure system, making them easy to use and reducing the lump under the rider’s thigh. Made from Equileather.
    RRP: £27.99
    Saving: £18.00

  5. Standard Airflow Girth

    Cottage Craft Standard Airflow Girth

    Black 'Airflow' girth with fixed elastic from Cottage Craft. Supplied with a buckle bag for easy washing. Sizes from 38" to 54".
    RRP: £15.74
    Saving: £3.75

  6. Synthetic Leathers

    Kincade Synthetic Leathers

    These stirrup leathers match the Kincade synthetic saddle extremely well and they are also extremely durable and very easy to maintain.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £4.00

  7. Slimline Stirrup Straps

    Wintec Slimline Stirrup Straps

    Slimline Stirrup Straps
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £5.00

  8. Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Leathers

    Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Leathers

    The Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Leathers are perfect for those riders participating in high impact equestrian activities.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £4.00

  9. Elastic Girth

    Wintec Elastic Girth

    Designed to prevent galling on your horse the Wintec Elastic Girth is made from a soft yet tough material so it will last. They are great for sensitive horses as they have an added 3” of stretch.
    RRP: £36.79
    Saving: £9.80

  10.  Waffle Atherstone Humane Girth

    Weatherbeeta Waffle Atherstone Humane Girth

    The Aerborn Waffle Atherstone Humane Girth is an extra wide girth & a Dee Lever system to allow even weight distribution on the horse's back for the horse's ultimate comfort.

  11. Chafeless Girth

    Wintec Chafeless Girth

    The Wintec Chafeless Girth is a synthetic girth designed for optimum comfort for your horse. It is durable, sweat resistant and wipe clean and matches Wintec saddles perfectly.
    RRP: £41.24
    Saving: £11.25

  12. stud-guard

    Kincade Leather Stud Guard

    Leather Stud Guard is ideal to prevent the horses studs catching the underneath of the horse while jumping. To be used in conjunction with a girth.

  13. Pro Elastic Dressage Girth

    Wintec Pro Elastic Dressage Girth

    Equisuede chafeless synthetic dressage girth with elastic stretch by Wintec. Suitable for use with dressage saddles. This girth helps prevent galls and irritation. The pro elastic dressage girth has s
    RRP: £43.74
    Saving: £5.75

  14. Collegiate Stirrup Leathers

    Collegiate Stirrup Leathers

    The Collegiate Stirrup Leathers are available in Black or Brown, Size 48" or 56". These stirrup leathers are great quality and perfect for regular use.
    RRP: £45.99
    Saving: £4.00

  15. Webbers

    Bates Webbers

    RRP: £51.74
    Saving: £8.75

  16. Web Core Stirrup Leathers

    Collegiate Web Core Stirrup Leathers

    Web Core Stirrup Leathers
    RRP: £44.99
    Saving: £2.00

  17. Stirrup Leathers

    Bates Stirrup Leathers

    The Bates stirrup leathers are made using extremely high quality English leather which is bonded to a tough nylon core. They nicely match your Bates saddle and there is a riveted buckle design which ideally reduces the thickness under the rider’s leg.
    RRP: £93.74
    Saving: £23.75


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