Equine Superstore boasts a variety of saddles to suit the type of riding you prefer such as dressage, jumping, exercise, all purpose and more. We have a wide range of leather and synthetic horse saddles from leading saddle makers such as Wintec, Bates and Collegiate. If you like this, why not check out our numnahs and saddle cloths?

  1. ESS6 Western Saddle and Bridle Set & Saddle Pad

    RRP: £129.99
    Saving: £8.00
  2. Wintec Western Saddle

    RRP: £343.74
    Saving: £13.75
  3. Kincade Redi Ride Kids Saddle - Black (Black - One Size)

    RRP: £48.99
    Saving: £4.00


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  1. Nylon Saddle Cover

    Roma Nylon Saddle Cover

    It comes in blue and is simply one size fits all. This lightweight nylon cover is a cheap way to keep your saddle clean that is very efficient.

  2. Leather Balsam

    Bates Leather Balsam

    A rich wax based balsam that is extremely effective at penetrating the surface of the leather

  3. Steady Grip

    Bates Steady Grip

    The Bates Steady Grip offers improved security to maintain a strong and powerful position.

  4. Leather Cream

    Bates Leather Cream

    Bates Leather Cream- Scientifically formulated to penetrate the core of the leather and strengthening it, so it remains supple and protected. The wax properties of the cream will assist in replenishing the leather, protecting it from harmful elements and surface wear. Why not try it on your bridle too? Comes in a 350ml tube. Not suitable for suede or nubuck.

  5. Gullet Gauge (Gullet Gauge)

    Kincade Gullet Gauge (Gullet Gauge)

    An easy to use measuring system to select the correct size gullet for your horse.
    RRP: £23.50
    Saving: £3.51

  6. Nylon Saddle Bag

    Roma Nylon Saddle Bag

    Padded saddle bag with strong carry strap, ideal for use to give protection when travelling with your saddle. Available in Purple or Black/Sangria
    RRP: £23.99
    Saving: £4.00

  7. Easy Change Gullet Pack

    Kincade Easy Change Gullet Pack

    The Easy Change Gullets are made for using with the Wintec Wide saddle. The gullets are interchangeable and can be purchased individually so that you can alter the fit of your Wintec Wide saddle quickly and easily, keeping up with your horse’s changing shape.

  8. Cruise Saddle Bag

    Roma Cruise Saddle Bag

    This handly saddle bag from Roma is perfect for protecting your saddle in the yard or at a show. The carry handle and shoulder starp makes its easily portable from show to show.
    RRP: £26.99
    Saving: £5.00

  9. Dublin Imperial Saddle Bag

    Dublin Imperial Saddle Bag

    The Dublin Imperial Saddle Bag is perfect for storing or transporting your saddle to make sure it doesn't get damaged. This stylish bag has a durable outer fabric with satin lining and padding for extra protection.

  10. Redi Ride Kids Saddle - Black (Black - One Size)

    Kincade Redi Ride Kids Saddle - Black (Black - One Size)

    Featuring a cloth fabric seat and knee roll for extra grip and fitted handle strap for extra safety, making this an ideal saddle for the young rider to learn to ride in.
    RRP: £48.99
    Saving: £4.00

  11. All Purpose Standard Flexibloc

    Bates All Purpose Standard Flexibloc

    The Adjustable Flexibloc System allows the rider to individually tailor their thigh and knee support.

  12. All Purpose Large Flexibloc

    Bates All Purpose Large Flexibloc

    Bates All Purpose Large Flexibloc. Comes in pairs.

  13. Kids Saddle (Kids Saddle)

    Wintec Kids Saddle (Kids Saddle)

    The Wintec Kids Saddle is a lightweight, durable saddle designed to encourage the youngest of riders into the correct position, whilst giving them the maximum amount of security in the saddle....
    RRP: £124.99
    Saving: £25.00

  14. Western Saddle and Bridle Set & Saddle Pad

    ESS6 Western Saddle and Bridle Set & Saddle Pad

    Incredible western set at an incredible low price. And we deliver it FREE too! Saddle has a suede seat with patterned stitching detail.
    RRP: £129.99
    Saving: £8.00

  15. Redi-Ride All Purpose Pony Saddle

    Kincade Redi-Ride All Purpose Pony Saddle

    The tree has been especially designed to fit the wider backed pony and the specially designed wide, balanced seat encourages young riders to achieve a correct position and confidence right from the start in those important developing years.
    RRP: £144.99
    Saving: £15.00

  16. Redi-Ride Quick Switch All Purpose Saddle

    Kincade Redi-Ride Quick Switch All Purpose Saddle

    * Quick Switch Gullet System * Redi-Ride low maintenance synthetic saddle * Balanced seat to correctly position the rider
    RRP: £187.49
    Saving: £37.50

  17. Western Saddle

    Wintec Western Saddle

    A tough, durable western style saddle. A great all rounder for riders who need a hard wearing saddle for team penning, trail riding, barrel racing, breakaway roping and camp drafting.
    RRP: £343.74
    Saving: £13.75

  18. 500 Pony All Purpose Saddle (Flock)

    Wintec 500 Pony All Purpose Saddle (Flock)

    Anatomically designed for ponies and their young riders Features a supportive, comfortable and deep seat with an ultra narrow waist, ensuring greater support and a strong balanced position.

  19. 500 Pony Dressage Saddle (Flock)

    Wintec 500 Pony Dressage Saddle (Flock)

    Sets a new standard in saddle comfort and performance helping position the rider correctly and featuring a super soft seat for immediate comfort.
    RRP: £425.00
    Saving: £42.50

  20. 500 VSD Saddle (Flock)

    Wintec 500 VSD Saddle (Flock)

    1The Wintec 500 VSD Saddle is a modern, stylish VSD saddle that includes top performance features. Ideal for participating in multiple disciplines and featuring a straighter cut flap to encourage a straighter,longer leg position suited to riders participating in more flatwork/dressage. It features an extremely comfortable and balanced seat for a strong position.


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