We stock a range of lunging equipment to either improve your horses flexibility and balance, or relax a horse whilst training. Our selection of reins, collars and bridles will give you complete control. If you like this, you may also be interested in our exercise sheets, headcollars and leadropes for other training activities?

  1. Kincade Equigrip Lunge Kit

    RRP: £69.99
    Saving: £13.00
  2. Kincade Lunge Roller (Lunge Roller)

    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £6.00
  3. Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein

    RRP: £8.04
    Saving: £0.05


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  1. 2 Tone Lunge Attachment

    Kincade 2 Tone Lunge Attachment

    This lunge attachment features hook attachments at both ends and swivel clip in the middle to attach your lunge rein.

  2. Equigrip Lunge Rein

    Kincade Equigrip Lunge Rein

    Soft cotton webbing lunge rein 8 metres long with a soft grip handle and clip attachment.

  3. Cotton Lunge Rein

    Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein

    The Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein is approx 8.9m long and includes a strong and durable clip and a supportive loop handle. This long lunging rein is ideal to be used as a long rein as well as lunging horses and ponies. Because this rein is made of cotton it is less likely to cause ay burns from friction that you would normally expect from nylon reins.
    RRP: £8.04
    Saving: £0.05

  4. de Gogue Rein

    Kincade de Gogue Rein

    Reins to be used with the Kincade De Gogue. Come with a metal ring for easy attachment to the training aid.

  5. 2 Tone Padded Lunge Rein

    Kincade 2 Tone Padded Lunge Rein

    Kincade Two Tone Padded Lunge LineThis Padded Lunge Line from Kincade is a must have for ground training.

  6. Nylon Side Reins with Slide Buckles

    Kincade Nylon Side Reins with Slide Buckles

    Kincade elastic nylon side reins with slide buckles.

  7. Soft Feel Lunge Rein

    Kincade Soft Feel Lunge Rein

    Soft cotton webbing. 8.9m long with clip. Black or Navy.
    RRP: £11.65
    Saving: £0.66

  8. Economy Lunge Cavesson

    Kincade Economy Lunge Cavesson

    Kincade Economy Lunge Cavesson with buckle fastenings

  9. Nylon Padded Lunge Cavesson

    Nylon Padded Lunge Cavesson

    Strong nylon lunge cavesson with padded nose band for extra comfort.

  10. Adjustable Nylon Side Reins with Elastic

    Kincade Adjustable Nylon Side Reins with Elastic

    Nylon side reins with buckle adjustment and elastic insert.

  11. Lunge Pad

    Roma Lunge Pad

    This soft lunge pad is designed to fit under the roller whilst lunging your horse. Features girth loops to keep it in place.
    RRP: £16.50
    Saving: £0.01

  12. Crupper

    Kincade Crupper

    Keep your saddle from sliding forward on your pony or horse's back with this nicely made and finished leather crupper.

  13. Co-ordinate Lunge Cavesson

    Kincade Co-ordinate Lunge Cavesson

    Adjustable lunge cavesson with padded noseband & swivel rings

  14. Leather Elastic Side Reins

    Kincade Leather Elastic Side Reins

    The Kincade Leather & Elastic Side Reins are made from a quality leather with elastic sections which allow the horse more freedom of movement than normal leather or webbing side reins. These side reins feature buckle adjustment for a perfect fit and trigger clips for ease of use.
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £2.00

  15. 2 Point Lunge Roller

    Kincade 2 Point Lunge Roller

    Adjustable webbing and leather roller. D rings on each side.
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £1.00

  16. Market Harborough (Market Harborough)

    Kincade Market Harborough (Market Harborough)

    The Kincade Market Harborough has a leather martingale attachment with web reins and a D ring adjustment making it highly suitable for training whilst prevent injury.
    RRP: £27.99
    Saving: £3.00

  17. Deluxe Equigrip Lunge Roller

    Kincade Deluxe Equigrip Lunge Roller

    The equigrip lunge roller has been carefully designed to prevent slipping during exercise allowing maximum comfort for your horse.

  18. Lunge Roller (Lunge Roller)

    Kincade Lunge Roller (Lunge Roller)

    The Kincade Lunge Roller is an adjustable webbing and leather roller with the choice of D rings on each side. It is available in one size.
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £6.00

  19. Lunging Training System

    Kincade Lunging Training System

    System of ropes and pulleys that can be put into different positions. The various positions encourage the horse to take the weight off the forehand and bring their hindquarters underneath them. Promotes balance and development of the neck and back muscles.
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £4.00

  20. Equigrip Lunge Kit

    Kincade Equigrip Lunge Kit

    This lunge kit from Kincade includes a Cavesson, Surcingle, Side Reins and Lunge Rein. This makes a great starter kit.
    RRP: £69.99
    Saving: £13.00


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