Bridles and Reins

We have a fantastic range of bridles and reins suitable for any horse or pony. With various designs to cater for show jumping, competition riding and much more, we stock popular brands such as Kincade and Collegiate offering the highest quality bridles and reins at affordable prices. If you like this, why not check out our horse bits sections? 

  1. Kincade Hunter Breastplate

  2. Kincade Hunt Cavesson Bridle

    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £1.00
  3. Rhinegold German Leather 'Comfort' Bridle (Havana Cob)

    RRP: £80.99
    Saving: £31.00


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  1. Martingale Stop

    Kincade Martingale Stop

    The martingale stop is needed on almost any running or standing martingale to help hold the two separate pieces of leather in place. Black or Brown. One Size
    RRP: £1.49
    Saving: £0.99

  2. Rein Stop

    Kincade Rein Stop

    These rein stops are used to restrict the movement of a martingale if this is being used to reduce the likelihood that it could become hooked and caught on the buckle/billets or the rein ends
    RRP: £1.14
    Saving: £0.15

  3. Flash Converter

    Kincade Flash Converter

    Kincade Flash Converter is made from smooth, supple and long lasting leather.

  4. kincade flash strap

    Kincade Flash Strap

    The Kincade Flash strap is made from smooth, supple, long lasting leather. To be used on a flash noseband.

  5.  Flash Strap

    Collegiate Flash Strap

    The Collegiate range of bridlewear is high quality, high performance leatherwork. Crafted with real attention to detail, this range is made from the finest leather and is complimented by stainless steel buckles for strength and looks. Stitching and leatherwork is kept to the very highest standards, the end result being a bridle that looks good and performs well

  6. Chifney Headstrap (Headstrap)

    Kincade Chifney Headstrap (Headstrap)

    Chifney headstrap. One Size

  7. Leather Balsam

    Bates Leather Balsam

    A rich wax based balsam that is extremely effective at penetrating the surface of the leather

  8. Browband

    Collegiate Browband

    New Collegiate Browband in Black or Brown

  9. Cheek Pieces

    Collegiate Cheek Pieces

    Collegiate cheek pieces are a beautifully crafted English leather cheek piece, ideal for replacing a broken or damaged cheek piece on a quality bridle. Stainless steel fittings, and available in different lengths to allow you to tailor your bridle to your horses size.

  10. Anti-Grazing Straps

    Kincade Anti-Grazing Straps

    These clip onto the saddle and buckle onto the crown of the bridle. They are an essential item for ponies prone to putting their heads down whilst been ridden.

  11. Grackle Noseband

    Kincade Grackle Noseband

    Grackle noseband for use on any Kincade bridle.

  12. Web Draw Reins Set Black

    Web Draw Reins Set Black

    The Web Draw Reins are a great training tool for the more experienced trainer offering support to the horse’s neck. They can also encourage a horse in a rounded outline while also being able to adjust the length of the reins.

  13. Cavesson Noseband

    Kincade Cavesson Noseband

    Made from carefully selected drum dyed leather, which is smooth, supple and long lasting, this bridlewear will stand you in good stead day after day, season after season.

  14. Nylon Padded Bridle Bag

    Roma Nylon Padded Bridle Bag

    Padded nylon bridle bag, useful to keep your bridle clean and safe when not in use or traveling to a show. Handy plastic address label. Approx 27 inches in length
    RRP: £13.99
    Saving: £1.00

  15. Running Martingale

    Kincade Running Martingale

    This affordable martingale is perfect for everyday riding. It gives the rider greater control over the position of the horses head. Made from adjustable leather martingale with stainless steel rings

  16. Cruise Bridle Bag

    Roma Cruise Bridle Bag

    This handy and neat bridle bag will keep your bridle protected whilst travelling to shows or for storing in the yard. The strong handles make it easy to transport whilst keeping your bridles looking as good as new.

  17. Kincade Drop Noseband

    Kincade Drop Noseband

    Kincade Drop Noseband is made from the finest leather

  18. Kincade Rubber Reins

    Kincade Rubber Reins

    Kincade rubber grip reins are good quality rubber reins which are versatile enough to be used with any bridle. They are ideal for everyday riding and jumping, because they are so easy to grip. These rubber grip reins offer fantastic quality at a reasonable price.
    RRP: £14.99
    Saving: £2.00

  19. Web Flash Bridle

    Kincade Web Flash Bridle

    Black web bridle with flash nose band. Web reins sold separately.
    RRP: £13.50
    Saving: £0.01

  20. Dublin Imperial Bridle Bag

    Dublin Imperial Bridle Bag

    The Dublin Imperial Bridle Bag is ideal for protecting and transporting your bridle. It has a durable outer with satin lining and padding for extra protection.


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